Guideline Public Company Tool

Put the Guideline Public Company Comps Tool to work for you...

Without a sophisticated screening tool, it's difficult, if not impossible, to determine and identify a comprehensive set of comparable guideline public companies. The new Guideline Public Company Comps Tool from BVR delivers an advanced and affordable solution for the business valuation community.

  • Easily put the guideline public company method to work for you—The new BVR GPCC Tool is user-friendly, easy to search, updated daily – and is priced to match a business valuation practice budget.

  • Search, export, and compare with confidence—Pull complete financial statements, financial ratios, and multiples for comparable guideline public companies on U.S. exchanges for any selected time period.

  • Perfect your workflow with the optional Excel add-in—Harness the power of the optional BVR GPCC Tool Excel add-in and pull any and all company data directly into your Excel models. Your guideline public company workflow has never been so efficient! 

  • Identify additional comps—Exclusive feature provides suggested companies that come from those that were used in sets of guideline comparable companies in fairness opinions, filed by the leading valuation firms and investment banks, that were accepted by the SEC. BVR does proprietary research on these fairness opinions and maps the guideline comparable company sets in the GPCCT to suggest additional comps for the analyst to consider in their own analyses. 

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