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Easily derive a cost of equity for business valuation...


The Cost of Capital Professional platform provides business valuators and analysts Equity Risk Premiums, Size Premia, Risk Free Rates and an online calculator (with data similar to the original Ibbotson SBBI data). This state-of-the-art resource provides a simple and transparent way to estimate cost of capital. 


Here's just a few reasons to get excited about the BVR Cost of Capital Professional:

  • SimplicityThe Cost of Capital Professional gives you a single cost of equity number based on your inputs and judgment, so you don't have to spend a lot of time explaining your methodology choices to clients—or judges.
  • Credibility—The Cost of Capital Professional platform relies on the CRSP (Center for Research in Security Prices) market return data set. This is the most respected and widely-used basis for 10-decile returns in practice and academia.
  • Transparency—You will always see the components of your cost of capital, and the ERP and size premia you need for your target company. You can also add industry and unsystematic risk inputs from other sources to arrive at the appropriate cost of equity.

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