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Streamline your business valuation research with BVResearch Pro.

BVResearch Pro is the industry's most robust and complete knowledge library with a wealth of the best business valuation research, news, legal analysis, webinar transcripts, and BVR publications in a comprehensive online platform.

  • Find answers quickly and easily - BVResearch Pro’s powerful search engine returns a wealth of news, articles, legal digests, books, and webinar transcripts with a few clicks of a mouse

  • Get the most current research available - the material in BVResearch Pro is added real-time so you’ll never have to wait for an important article or news item

  • Save time and money - search the most unprecedented wealth of business valuation research in one easy-to-use online platform. Content includes:
    • Articles from all current and historical Business Valuation Update issues
    • Important business valuation legal cases and analysis from BVLaw
    • Partner articles from ASA Review™, Valuology, and many more
    • 85+ BVR-published books, guides, and special reports
    • 700+ BVR transcripts from current and historical webinars  

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