BVR Briefing - Cannabis and Hemp Valuations: A Market Analysis

January 2020 PDF

Ron Seigneur, Ryan Cram

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Valuing any early-stage company in an emerging industry is difficult – and that difficulty only intensifies in the nascent cannabis and hemp sectors. Some argue that any cannabis or hemp company valuation is a best-effort guess in a fast-changing landscape.

There is no better time for the new “BVR Briefing - Cannabis and Hemp Valuations: A Market Analysis” study by leading experts Ryan Cram, CVA, and Ron Seigneur, CPA/ABV, CVA, ASA.  Cram and Seigneur - who are gaining notoriety as the authoritative minds in cannabis and hemp valuation - present an empirically-based alternative to the “one-size-fits-all” application of market approach in the cannabis industry. Their expert analysis puts current cannabis market sentiment and factors in the context of privately-held growth assets and relies upon the same rigor in data selection and research. The two experts scrutinize the math behind the headline-grabbing deals and stock prices that have dominated news - and market expectations - around exit values and market multiples.

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Highlights of the Study


  • New and credible analysis and insight into an evolving market: Leading valuation experts in the cannabis industry dig into numerous data sources to present analysis, tables and charts that reveal the industry economics

  • Keep current with ongoing – and substantial - regulatory hurdles: Know what to look out for in the market and what to keep on the value driver radar in relation to regulation and legal updates. Plus, Briefing purchases get market news updates and alerts!
  • Spot current – and future trends: Stay ahead of one of the fastest growing sectors in the world! This study will also help you discern between the verified and non-verified resources that already exist or are in development.

Table of Contents


  • Cannabis and Hemp Valuations: The Market Approach

  • Who Are the Hypothetical, or Specific, Buyers of Companies in This Space?

  • The U.S. Cannabis Zeitgeist

  • The Range and Sustainability of Public Market Multiples

  • Select Guideline Merged and Acquired Company Transactions

  • Cannabis Emerged at a Time When Private Capital Has Reached Record Levels

  • How About Earlier-Stage VC Returns?

  • The VC Method

  • The VC Method in Action

  • Private Equity Minority Investments

  • Conclusion

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Cannabis and Hemp Valuations Study