BVR Legal & Court Case Yearbook 2014

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The BVR Legal and Court Case Yearbook 2014 is a must-have for business valuation professionals and attorneys who want to stay up-to-date on the most important legal issues confronting the profession in a range of fields, including: marital disputes, breach of contract actions, dissenting shareholder disputes, estate and gift tax cases, and bankruptcy litigation. 

Readers gain insight into how debates over economic damages, goodwill, M&A-related appraisals, discounts, and Daubert challenges played out in court during the past year. The Yearbook does not merely abstract the most critical court decisions, but it offers an in-depth analysis of the approaches the parties and the courts took to arrive at the decisions. Ninety digests show the reader some of the best (and worst) practices that attorneys and experts used in making their case in courts throughout the country. BVR's acclaimed legal analysts continuously track published (and even unpublished) decisions from all state and federal jurisdictions, including such influential courts as the Delaware Court of Chancery and the United States Tax Court.

In addition to the digests, The Yearbook contains a case summary table, as well as a listing by state/jurisdiction, court, and case name, followed by a one-sentence description of the key valuation issue of each case.

To get a comprehensive picture of recent developments in business valuation law, order your copy the BVR Legal & Court Case Yearbook 2014 today.

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Court Case Summary Table

Court Case Abstracts

  • A.C. v. J.O
  • Alaska Rent-a-Car, Inc. v. Avis Budget Group, Inc.
  • Alexander v. Alexander
  • Apple, Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co.
  • Aries Communications Inc. v. Commissioner
  • Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. v. Flagstar Bank, FSB
  • AVM Technologies, LLC v. Intel Corporation (I)
  • AVM Technologies, LLC v. Intel Corporation (II)
  • In re Bachrach Clothing, Inc.
  • Brandeis University v. Keebler Co.
  • Brighton Collectibles, Inc. v. RK Texas Leather Mfg.
  • Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. v. A10 Networks, Inc. (I)
  • Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. v. A10 Networks, Inc. (II)
  • Burnett v. Burnett
  • Carnegie Mellon University v. Marvell Technology Group (I), (II)
  • Carnegie Mellon University v. Marvell Technology Group (III)
  • Charles v. Charles
  • Christou v. Beatport, LLC
  • Citrin Holdings, LLC v. Minnis
  • Colclasure v. Colclasure
  • Davis v. Commissioner
  • Deseret Management Corp. v. United States
  • Dorrance v. U.S.
  • Edgewater Growth Capital Partners, L.P. v. H.I.G. Capital, Inc.
  • Electro-Mechanical Corp. v. Power Distribution Products, Inc.
  • Energy Transp. Group, Inc. v. William Demant Holding A/S
  • Enzo Biochem, Inc. v. Applera Corp.
  • Ericsson Inc. v. D-Link Corp.
  • Estate of Koons v. Commissioner
  • Factory Mutual Insurance Co. v. Alon USA
  • Fancher v. Prudhome
  • Farrell v. Farrell
  • Gallagher & Co. v. Babcock
  • Gentile v. Gentile
  • Giaimo v. Vitale
  • Goldfarb v. Yelton
  • Great Lakes Business Trust v. M/T Orange Sun
  • Halliday v Halliday
  • Halo Electronics, Inc. v. Pulse Electronics, Inc.
  • Hark’n Technologies, Inc. v. Crossover Symmetry
  • Illinois Tool Works, Inc. v. MOC Products Co, Inc.
  • Info-Hold, Inc. v. Muzak LLC
  • Jack Tyler Engineering Co. v. Colfax Corp.
  • Joyce v. Armstrong Teasdale, LLP (I), (II)
  • Keig v. Keig
  • Koehler v. Netspend Holdings Inc.
  • In Re: LMR, LLC
  • Liberty Media Corp. v. Vivendi Universal, S.A.
  • Loutts v. Loutts
  • Loving v. IRS (I), (II)
  • Marine Travelift, Inc. v. Marine Lift Systems, Inc.
  • McCulloch v. McCulloch
  • Merion Capital, L.P. v. 3M Cogent, Inc.
  • Metamining, Inc. v. Barnette
  • Microsoft Corp. v. Motorola, Inc. (I)
  • MyGallons LLC v. U.S. Bankcorp
  • In re Novatel Wireless Securities Litigation
  • O’Rourke v. Burke and Hotchkiss, PLLC
  • Pappas v. Pappas
  • Patel v. Patel
  • Peek v. Commissioner
  • Peltzer v. Peltzer
  • Private Letter Ruling 201314002
  • Pure Earth, Inc. v. Call
  • RMD, LLC v. Nitto Americas, Inc.
  • Rojas v. Duarte
  • Ruggiero v. Ruggiero
  • Russell v. Russell
  • Samson v. Western Capital Partners LLC (In re Blixseth)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission v. Tourre
  • Sharp v. Sharp
  • Southwestern Energy Production Co. v. Berry-Helfand
  • SnoPac Products, Inc. v. Spencer
  • SSL Services, LLC v. Citrix Systems, Inc.
  • Sullivan v Troser Management, Inc.
  • Superior Offshore International, Inc. v. Schaefer
  • Sutardja v. United States
  • Synqor, Inc. v. Artesyn Technologies, Inc.
  • In re Trados Inc.
  • Towerview LLC v. Cox Radio, Inc.
  • Tutunikov v. Markov
  • Tyco Healthcare Group LP v. Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.
  • U.S. Bank N.A. v. Verizon Communications Inc.
  • Versata Software, Inc. v. Internet Brands, Inc.
  • Versata Software, Inc. v. SAP America, Inc.
  • Wallace v. Kalniz
  • Whyte v. C/R Energy Coinvestment II, L.P. (In re SemCrud)
  • VirnetX Inc. v. Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Wisniewski v. Walsh
  • Wright v. Wright