BVR/ktMINE Royalty Rate Benchmarking Guide, 2015/2016 Global Edition

September 2015 978-1-62150-057-5 Softcover

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

It is estimated that intellectual property (IP) represents at least 80% of corporate value across the globe. Some market experts predict that number will soar even higher as corporations focus on the competitive advantages offered through the ownership, utilization and commercialization of strategic IP portfolios. With so much opportunity at stake, striking the right balance between IP exploitation and protection is an increasingly key business objective for many organizations. Yet, even the fundamental step in deriving an accurate IP portfolio valuation can pose a significant challenge due to insufficient transactional insight and/or lack of a clear-cut methodology for analysis.

"The new BVR/ktMINE Royalty Rate Benchmarking Guide, 2015/2016 Global Edition is a renewed effort to provide market transparency and pricing efficiency through transactional insights." - David R. Jarczyk President and CEO, ktMINE

The BVR/ktMINE Royalty Rate Benchmarking Guide2015/2016 Global Edition was developed to help provide analysts clarity in this new valuation frontier. The 25+ industries examined within this guide help provide better transparency from licensing transactions in a global marketplace that is often murky. With data analyzed and presented from the ktMINE database, you can now have a comprehensive report on global licensing royalty rates and an analysis of value within specific industries, which will help you benchmark IP transactions over a 10-year time period.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Using the ktMINE database
  • Finding and analyzing royalty rates
  • Anatomy of a license agreement
  • Industry analysis
    • Median Royalty Rate
    • Industry highlights and observations
    • Industry Royalty Rate Trends
    • Industry Marketing Intangibles Analysis
    • Industry Patent/Technology Intangibles Analysis
    • Industry Combination Intangibles
    • Agreement Type Analysis
    • Geographic Analysis
    • Summary of Agreement for Industry
  • Industries include:
    • Alternative Energy
    • Biotechnology
    • Broadcast Cable
    • Business Services
    • Chemicals
    • Computers, Hardware, and Software
    • Consumer Durables
    • Consumer Nondurables
    • Consumer Services
    • Entertainment
    • Environmental Waste Services
    • Financial Services
    • Food and Beverage
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Healthcare Products
    • Industrial Equipment and Machinery
    • Internet
    • Oil and Mining
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Retail
    • Telecommunications Transportation Equipment
  • Sample full-text Licensing Agreement