BVR's Guide to Valuing Dental Practices

October 2011 978-1-935081-75-3 Hardcover, PDF (401 pages)

Stanley Pollock

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The valuation of dental practices and the number of appraisers conducting this type of engagement has increased dramatically over the last few decades. BVR's Guide to Valuing Dental Practices details the mature, multi-method process of dental practice valuation and the qualitative factors that go into the appraisal. With exclusive articles by top experts in the profession and actual valuation reports to aid the practitioner in understanding the critical elements, this Guide is an important resource every appraiser should have in their business valuation library.
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  • Chapter 1 The art of the Dental Practice Appraisal
    Stanley L. Pollock, BS, DMD, MS, PHD, JD, MCBA, CMEA, ABAR

  • Chapter 2 The Value of a Dental Practice 
    L. Norton Hindley III, ASA

  • Chapter 3 Dental Practice Valuations: Beyond the Numbers
    Sarah K. Lynch, Managing Partner, Jim Kasper Associates, LLC

  • Chapter 4 The Orthodontic Practice Appraisal
    Thomas F. Ziegler, DDS, MS, JD

  • Chapter 5 Valuing Goodwill in Dental Practices
    Robert James Cimasi, MHA, ASA, MCBA, AVA, CM&AA

  • Chapter 6 Recent Cases

  • Chapter 7 The Art of the Appraisal
    Timothy A. Brown, President & CEO, ROI Corporation

  • Appendix A- Valuation of a Sole Proprietor Dental Practice- Sample Valuation Report 

  • Appendix B: Appraisal of a Dental Practice- 2nd Sample Valuation Report

  • Appendix C - Valuing Dental Practices Webinar Transcript