BVR's Guide to Business Valuation Issues in Estate and Gift Tax

July 2010 978-1-935081-29-6 Hardcover, PDF (712 pages)

Linda Trugman

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

While estate and gift tax issues is still one of the top revenue producers for business appraisers, this area of the valuation industry continues to face new challenges. Issues such as tax-affecting S corporations, non-signing tax preparer penalties, and legal challenges from the IRS continue to complicate the estate and gift arena. It is crucial for appraisers practicing in this area to stay current with the legal arguments, regulations and technical theory that apply to estate and gift issues relating to the business valuation profession. BVR’s Guide to Business Valuation Issues in Estate and Gift Tax, edited by Linda Trugman, is a key resource for any appraiser practicing in this area.

"This is a very handy reference that will save practitioners considerable time and effort in research, as well as provide accessible analysis of current developments in the field. A worthy investment." -- Estate Planning Magazine
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Table of Contents

Section 1: A Collection of Articles on Estate and Gift Tax Issues

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to BVR’s Guide to Business Valuation Issues in Estate and Gift Tax 
    Linda Trugman
  • Chapter 2: IRS Challenges to FLPs and Family LLCs 
    By Chris Mellen 

  • Chapter 3: Pass-through Entity Discounts for Built-in Capital Gains Taxes 
    By Michael Paschall, ASA, CFA*
  • Chapter 4: Abraham and Hillgren: Different Approaches to Section 2036(a) Valuation 
    By Owen Fiore, JD, CPA
  • Chapter 5: After McCord: The Future of FLP Valuations and Discount Determinations 
    By William Frazier, ASA
  • Chapter 6: New 2036(a) Opinion Emphasizes Criteria for FLP Valuation Benefits 
    By Owen Fiore, JD, CPA
  • Chapter 7: Business Valuation Recent Cases, Rulings and Interpretations 
    By William F. Chandler, JD, CPA/ABV, ASA, CFA 

  • Chapter 8: Using Empirical Data to Value Family Limited Partnerships
    By Bruce A. Johnson, ASA and James R. Park, ASA
  • Chapter 9: Non-marketable Investment Company Evaluation (NICE) Method 
    By William H. Frazier, ASA 

  • Chapter 10: Good News, Bad News for FLPs and LLCs – Opportunities and Challenges for All! 
    By Owen Fiore, JD, CPA

Section 2: Conference & Teleconference Transcripts & Presentations 

  • Chapter 1: Valuation Issues in Estate & Gift Tax 
    Business Valuation Resources 

  • Chapter 2: Shielding Your FLPs and FLLCs Against IRS Attack 
    Moderator: George Hawkins 
    Speakers: Spencer Jeffries, Bruce Johnson, and Stephanie Loomis-Price
  • Chapter 3: McCord Reversal and its Effect on Valuation
    Moderator: Steve Akers 
    Speakers: William Frazier and John Porter 

  • Chapter 4: Fighting Legal Pitfalls with Family Limited Partnerships: A Practical Guide for Forming, Operating, and Defending FLPs
    Moderator: Stephanie Loomis-Price 
    Speakers: Paige Ben-Yaacov, Garry Marshall 

  • Chapter 5: Hot Issues on FLPs/LLCs: Reality, Recognition, and Valuation
    Moderator: Shannon Pratt 
    Speakers: Owen Fiore, George Hawkins, and Curtis Kimball 

  • Chapter 6: IRS New Rules: Pension Protection Act and Beyond 

Section 3: Court Case Abstracts

  • Summary table of court case abstracts
  • Full text of case abstracts