Business Valuation Update - Special Issue (May 2020)

May 2020 PDF

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The Business Valuation Update (BVU) has been the voice of the valuation profession since its inception in 1995. The May 2020 issue features articles and other information to support valuation experts in addressing the coronavirus in valuations they are currently working on.

Special Issue Articles Include:

  • A Veteran Valuer’s Guidance on COVID-19 and  the ‘Soul’ of a Business

  • The Valuation Paradigm of COVID-19:  Using the DCF Method After an Economic Crisis, Craig Jacobson, Dan Korczyk, and Richard Peil

  • A Revisit of ‘Known or Knowable’ and Subsequent Events  in the COVID-19 World, Robert B. Morrison and  Alexander Dokuchaev

  • Perfect Storm: COVID-19 and 2020 Election—Unexpected Windfall for E&G Tax Planning, Chris Rosenthal and  Brian Broxterman

  • A View From the UK on the Cost Approach  Amid the Current Crisis, Andrew Strickland

  • Is History Repeating Itself?
  • List of BV Guidance From the 2008 Financial Crisis
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