Business Valuation in Divorce: A Case Compendium

April 2019 Hardcover, PDF

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Business Valuation in Divorce: A Case Compendium, co-published by the American Bar Association's Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division (GPSolo) and Business Valuation Resources (BVR), is the inaugural volume in a series of compendia that will help you learn how to tell the valuation story. With opening chapters on important concepts in valuation followed by a Compendium of significant case law, the present volume is beneficial to both experts and attorneys dealing with business valuation in divorce cases. 

Additional Product Details

Highlights of the compendium include:

  • Quickly and easily explore key valuation issues that arise in divorce cases: The compendium includes a handy chart that summarizes over 230 cases and lists each case by name, state, and date.

  • Save hours of research time with the most current analysis of business valuation issues in divorce cases: Easily navigate how courts across the U.S. view business valuation methods and approaches in divorce cases with five new and updated chapters, as well as 40 newly analyzed cases.

  • Become a more effective and valuable financial expert with key strategies: Get in-depth analysis from BVR’s expert legal team on which techniques financial experts have employed that have either stood up or failed in court.

  • Tap into the knowledge of top business valuation experts: In addition to case law analysis, this compendium offers advice from top business valuation experts on how goodwill and S corporations are valued, as well as insight into active/passive appreciation, double-dipping, fair value, and more.