Business Valuation: An Integrated Theory, 3rd Edition

October 2020 Hardcover

Chris Mercer, Travis Harms

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

A guide that demystifies modern valuation theory and shows how to apply fundamental valuation concepts

The revised and updated third edition of Business Valuation: An Integrated Theory explores the core concepts of the integrated theory of business valuation and adapts the theory to reflect how the market for private business actually works.

In this third edition of their book, the authors—two experts on the topic of business valuation—help readers translate valuation theory into everyday valuation practice. This important updated book:

  • Includes an extended review of the core concepts of the integrated theory of business valuation and applies the theory on a total capital basis
  • Explains “typical” valuation discounts (marketability and minority interest) and premiums (control premiums) in the context of financial theory, institutional reality and the behavior of market participants
  • Explores evolving valuation perspectives in the context of the integrated theory
  • Written by two experts on valuation theory from Mercer Capital

The third edition of Business Valuation is the only book available regarding an integrated theory of business valuation—offering an essential, unprecedented resource for business professionals.

BONUS: Purchasers of the book will receive access to the recordings, transcripts and reading materials from BVR's 3-part Integrated Theory webinar series, covering conceptual theory, valuing enterprise and shareholder cash flows and more.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The World of Value

Chapter 2: The Integrated Theory (Equity Basis)

Chapter 3: The Integrated Theory (Enterprise Basis)

Chapter 4: Income Approach (Cash Flows)

Chapter 5: Income Approach (Discount Rate)

Chapter 6: Market Approach (Guideline Public Companies)

Chapter 7: Market Approach (Guideline Transactions)

Chapter 8: Restricted Stock Discounts and Pre-IPO Studies

Chapter 9: Introduction to the QMDM

Chapter 10: The QMDM Assumptions in Detail

Chapter 11: Applying the QMDM

Chapter 12: Applying the Integrated Theory to Tax Pass-Through Entities

About the Authors