BizMiner Single Report

Bizminer Single Reports

BVR is proud to partner with Bizminer, the gold standard for industry and geographic data. There’s simply no other analysis out there that consistently reports at Bizminer’s level of detail. There are 16,000 lines of business in 300 U.S. markets. Get the most specific and accurate information and metrics not available from any other source. 

Depending on the report, Bizminer provides detailed analysis of Income and expense figures as dollar based and percentage based; Balance sheet figures as dollar based and percentage based; Financial ratios; Industry population and distribution; Market share by segment; Failure rates; Annual market volume; Sales and employment growth and distribution.

  • U.S. Industry Financial Report (by NAICS code and sales class)
  • Local Industry Financial Reports
  • Sole Proprietorship Financial Reports- by NAICS code and sales class
  • Industry Market Reports