Bizminer Pro Package

The Bizminer Pro Package offers complete access to all of Bizminer's financial and market analytics. An annual subscription includes up to 60 report downloads.

This robust package includes all reports in the Bizminer Premium Package, plus valuation tool, multiples and projections for 10 million U.S. business operations and another tool for actionable outreach to your clients.


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Bizminer Pro Package includes:

US/Local Industry Financial reports

Powerful and completely customizable financial analysis presentation

Unparalleled Industry Detail

  • In-depth P&L and detailed balance sheet
  • Analysis for 5,000+ industries; 15 sales brackets
  • 350 US-state and metro market options
  • 36 ratios with detailed P&L
  • 3, 5 and 10-year reports

Easy to Read-Easy to Share

  • Chart and tabular formats
  • Five-star ratio scoring
  • Clearly charted benchmarks
  • Dynamic text commentary
  • Manual and upload input options

Co-brand and Customize

  • Easily upload or input firm data
  • Co-brand with client and developer name and logo
  • Display your choice of tables, ratios and charts
  • Select metrics and time series for scoring

Sole Proprietorship Financial reports

Unparalleled Data Granularity

  • 21 line profit & loss
  • 12 financial ratios
  • 3,000 industry options
  • 3 and 5‐year reports

Easy to Understand

  • Stand-alone or firm-to-industry comparisons
  • Dynamic ratio scoring and commentary
  • 1040C format and line items
  • Upload and integrate firm data
  • Clear chart and tabular formats

Industry Market Trend Series

Granular intelligence for 9000 industries in any US market

Compare Performance

  • Industry market volume
  • Average, median and small business sales
  • Average annual wage
  • Sales per employee and efficiency rate
  • Rent per employee

Demonstrate Market Advantages-Opportunities

  • Map industry competitors and vendors
  • Click-and-display enterprise sales and contact links
  • Market penetration ad opportunity gaps

Understand Competitive Position

  • Sales rank
  • Sales percentile
  • Sales per employee index
  • Efficiency index (SPI/avg. wage)

Competitive Market Narrative reports

Unparalleled Data Granularity

  • Key market-specific trends updated monthly
  • 9,000+ industries
  • Any radius-zip-county-metro-state
  • Content refreshed monthly

Easy to Communicate/Understand

  • Mapped industry market
  • Key industry charts
  • Local industry market overview
  • Narrative firm-to-industry comparisons
  • Concise narrative analysis

Easy to Configure

  • Walk‐through selection process
  • Optional firm comparison inputs

3-Ring Demographic Series
Market Demographics

  • Population, age and ethnicity
  • Employment and income
  • Education
  • Housing

Easy Access

  • 3 concentric radius markets up to 100 miles
  • Side-by-side tabular comparison
  • Any U.S. area
  • Co-brand any report

Sales per Square Foot

  • Name and industry of all firms
  • Average and total store sales
  • Sales per square foot
  • Square foot basis (gross or selling)
  • Total reported stores by company
  • Industry sample average values

Valuation Multiples

Bizminer developed Price:Earnings and Price:Revenue multiples derived from 34,000 transactions in the DealStats database. Quartile 1-Median and Quartile-3 values for each industry.

Vestimate Pro – 35-page report

Unparalleled Basis for Value Calculations

  • Anchored by Bizminer’s database of over 32,000 business transactions
  • Integrates Bizminer's acclaimed industry financial metrics
  • Incorporates financial and market analytics
  • Detailed tables—with easy-to-absorb starred KPI ratio scoring

Unparalleled Ease and Flexibility

  • Simple manual or uploaded inputs
  • Revenue and earnings value approaches
  • Your choice of 1-3 data years to integrate
  • Include all KPI metrics or filter those you don't want
  • Co-brand the report with firm and advisor logo and contact

Vestimate Market Search – values for 50 businesses with every search

  • Low-median-high quartile Vestimate® for each operation
  • Select from 9,000 industries
  • Reports for any U.S. radius up to 50 miles
  • Dynamic map with business name, sales and Vestimate® value projection
  • Printable list of all firm names and Vestimate®
  • Optional full contact list information

Vestimate Name Search

Input a business name and zip code for low-median-high quartile dollar value projections. Vestimate® values for 12 million US businesses. Enhance Vestimates® with our custom calculator.


  • Learn how any firm stacks up to industry financial KPIs
  • Firm-specific market values
  • Local and national market positioning

Company Insights

  • Fast Search-by-Name access to more than 9 million businesses
  • Easy-to-communicate single page Company insight reports
  • Core benchmarks and projected profit-expense levels
  • Vestimate business value projections
  • Local market analytics in 9000-plus industries
  • Expense and earnings scenarios
  • Key industry peer group ratios
  • Content refreshed every month

See what others are saying about Bizminer


"We feel that the industry ratio data provided by Bizminer is superior to other alternatives. The ability to customize the data to certain geographic areas & revenue sizes and ability to drill down to sub-segments within NAICS codes creates the best industry metrics that are applicable to the company we are working with. Customer service, while rarely needed, has also been very responsive to any issues we have had." --John G. Mack, ASA, MCBA, ABAR, Mack Business Appraisals, LLC


"I use the database for every business valuation I complete as a reliable source for industry financial statement data. The ease of access and ability to accomplish focused searches saves me time in completing my valuation engagements. The additional information provided in Bizminer cannot be found in comparable databases. Therefore, the use of Bizminer as a trusted single source of data is extremely cost effective." -- Brad Cashion CFA, Managing Director, The Mentor Group


" As an experienced market researcher and business consultant, my analyses and reports have drastically improved since subscribing to Bizminer in late 2014. Bizminer reports have become an essential part of determining industry performance and financial feasibility with narrowed focus to local market areas. I highly recommend this to anyone who conducts business-related research!" -- Rikki Nelson, President, Polaris Business Consulting LLC


"Bizminer's Industry Financial Reports have taken my opinion of value offering to a whole new level! Just seeing SDE as a percentage of revenue helps my clients immediately understand where they chart over the past three years, informing a truly thoughtful approach to a sensible pricing strategy. From there, using the 10+ additional pages comparing their performance to their exact-sized competitors rounds out the valuation discussion in a truly meaningful way. Great stuff!" --Chris Bond, Murphy Business

Incorporate Bizminer data points into your next valuation with ease!

Building the Essential BV Templates in Excel is the first resource of its kind - a practical, hands-on guide to understanding and building Excel templates for business valuation analysis. This must-have guide offers a more sophisticated approach that will prove an indispensable tool to any valuation professional.

The author has recently released a highly anticipated add-on that features Excel templates specifically for Bizminer users that will save valuable time. This update enables users to: 

  • Use the new templates to download industry reports from Bizminer as .csv versions
  • Easily incorporate new data into a sheet in the Excel template and rapidly define a set of financial ratios calculated for both the industry and the subject company 

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