2018 Valuation Handbook- International Industry Cost of Capital

August 2018 Softcover

Carla Nunes, James Harrington, Roger Grabowski

Duff & Phelps

PLEASE NOTE: This book includes data through March 2018. The printed semi-annual update is expected to ship in March 2019 with data through September 2018. 

The Duff & Phelps 2018 Valuation Handbook - International Industry Cost of Capital offers the same type of rigorous industry-level analysis published in the U.S.-centric Valuation Handbook - U.S. Industry Cost of Capital. It provides industry-level cost of capital estimates (cost of equity, cost of debt, and weighted average cost of capital, or WACC), plus detailed industry-level statistics for sales, market capitalization, capital structure, various levered and unlevered beta estimates (e.g., ordinary-least squares (OLS) beta, sum beta, peer group beta, downside beta, etc.), valuation (trading) multiples, financial and profitability ratios, equity returns, aggregate forward-looking earnings-per-share (EPS) growth rates, and more.

Highlights of the Handbook include:

  • Four global economic regions: The 2018 Valuation Handbook - International Industry Cost of Capital includes industry-level analyses for four global economic regions: the "World," the European Union, the Eurozone, and the United Kingdom. Industries in the book are identified by their Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) code (at the 2-, 4-, and 6-digit code level)

  • Three currencies: Each of the four global region's industry analyses are presented in three currencies: the Euro, the British pound, and the U.S. dollar

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