2015 BVB Insights - Data & Analysis on UK Private Company Multiples (PDF)

March 2015 PDF (148 pages)

BVB Insights, Inc.

BVB Insights: Data and Analysis on UK Private Company Multiples is an invaluable benchmarking tool that can help you better understand what multiples are being paid for UK private businesses so you can prepare business valuations with confidence. Produced by industry practitioners with a combined 30 years of business valuation expertise, BVB Insights fills a knowledge gap for business valuation professionals. Get robust and reliable research at your fingertips. ($513.00 USD | £395)*

Highlights of the guide include:

  • A highly accurate overview with multiples by industry across 10 high level industry categories, and deeper insights with transactions broken down across a further 40 industry categories

  • Independent insights into the factors that are driving multiples in today’s market

  • Key details on each transaction provides insights as to not only what ‘normalised’ multiples buyers paid but why they acquired the target, and key facts about the target business.

This fully researched and corroborated resource provides transaction multiples based on most up-to-date information available and gives not only what "normalised" multiples buyers are paying, but why they are acquiring.

* Price is an indication based on an exchange rate as of 9/30/16. Actual price will be determined at the time the transaction is processed.

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Enterprise value
Normalised EBITDA
Normalised Revenue
Transaction multiples and insights for high-level industry categories
Exhibit 1. Transaction Data For 10 High-Level Industries 
Buyers’ geography and type
Overall we can see the power of UK brands shining through! 
What is private equity buying? Answer: UK Brands 
Which firms have been most acquisitive? Could these be potential acquirers
for businesses you have for sale? 
Insights into the high-level industries 
Transaction multiples and insights for industry subsectors 
Exhibit 2. Consumer Discretionary Sector Broken Down Into Subsectors 
Exhibit 3. Consumer Staples 
Exhibit 4. Financials (Excluding Banks) 
Exhibit 5. Healthcare 
Exhibit 6. Industrials—Services 
Exhibit 7. Industrials 
Exhibit 8. Information Technology 
Detailed Transactions Tables 
Exhibit 9. Consumer Discretionary: Advertising And Marketing 
Exhibit 10. Consumer Discretionary: Distributors And Owners Of Retail Brands 
Exhibit 11. Consumer Discretionary: Education Services 
Exhibit 12. Consumer Discretionary: Home Furnishings/Improvement 
Exhibit 13. Consumer Discretionary: Leisure Businesses (Travel, Restaurants, Gyms) 
Exhibit 14. Consumer Discretionary: Media/Communications/Publishers 
Exhibit 15. Consumer Discretionary: Home Movies And Entertainment 
Exhibit 16. Consumer Discretionary: Retail—Automotive 
Exhibit 17. Consumer Discretionary: Retail—Internet 
Exhibit 18. Consumer Discretionary: Retail—Other 
Exhibit 19. Consumer Staples: Food Manufacturers, Wholesalers And Distributors 
Exhibit 20. Consumer Staples: Branded Food Manufacturers 
Exhibit 21. Energy 
Exhibit 22. Financials (Excluding Banks): Other 
Exhibit 23. Financials (Excluding Banks): Brokers And Services 
Exhibit 24. Financials (Excluding Banks): Money Transfer And Forex Services 
Exhibit 25. Financials (Excluding Banks): Real Estate Operations/Services 
Exhibit 26. Healthcare: Care Homes And Care Providers 
Exhibit 27. Healthcare: Medical Equipment And Supplies 
Exhibit 28. Healthcare: Other 
Exhibit 29. Healthcare: Pharmaceuticals 
Exhibit 30. Industrials - Services: Business Support Services 
Exhibit 31. Industrials—Services: Environmental And Facilities Services 
Exhibit 32. Industrials—Services: Human Resources And Employment Services 
Exhibit 33. Industrials—Services: Law Firms 
Exhibit 34. Industrials—Services: Oil And Gas Consulting 
Exhibit 35. Industrials—Services: Research And Consulting Services 
Exhibit 36. Industrials: Aerospace And Defence 
Exhibit 37. Industrials: Automotive/Services 
Exhibit 38. Industrials: Construction And Engineering 
Exhibit 39. Industrials: Electronic Components And Equipment 
Exhibit 40. Industrials: Industrial Products Manufacturing And Systems 
Exhibit 41. Industrials: Marine 
Exhibit 42. Industrials: Packaging Products And Services 
Exhibit 43. Industrials: Transport/Trucking And Logistics 
Exhibit 44. Information Technology: Cloud Computing 
Exhibit 45. Information Technology: Hardware—Electrical Manufacturing 
Exhibit 46. Information Technology: Internet Information Services 
Exhibit 47. Information Technology: IT Consulting And Other Services 
Exhibit 48. Information Technology: Software—Application 
Exhibit 49. Information Systems: Software—Systems 
Exhibit 50. Materials 
Exhibit 51. Telecommunications 
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