Finance & Accounting for Lawyers, 2nd edition
(Textbook, Workbook & Course)


Finance & Accounting for Lawyers is the foundation of the outstanding upper division law school course at the University of San Diego School of Law that has been taught for over 20 years. The course curriculum built from the textbook offers upper division law students an introduction to financial statements, basic financial concepts (present value and discounting), lost profits, personal economic loss analysis and an introduction to business and property appraisal.

The course is a compendium of continuing legal education programs designed by Professor Brinig and previously presented as programs for the National Judicial College, the California State Bar Association annual meeting, Judicial Center for Education and Research, and other continuing education venues. The course has been well received by students over the years as evidenced by numerous positive comments taken from annual student reviews.

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Finance & Accounting for Lawyers Course Curriculum

Finance and Accounting for Lawyers

Course Curriculum


In addition to the 300-page Textbook, the course curriculum includes a 158-page Workbook of finance and accounting problems to give students a practical overview of financial statements, introductory financial analysis, damages analysis and present value calculations. 

The Workbook is offered to students optionally for their educational benefit, but it could be used as a basis for homework assignments. The textbook is highly regarded by students as “easy to read,” and a “great explanation of difficult concepts”. Download the table of contents >>  

In addition to the textbook and Workbook, the course program includes a Instructor’s Manual divided into one-hour class meetings that can be presented virtually or in a classroom setting.  Sample exam problems are also available to test the course materials.

The Finance & Accounting for Lawyers textbook is published by Business Valuation Resources and the both the textbook and workbook are available from Business Valuation Resources. For more details about the course, contact Business Valuation Resources or Professor Brian Brinig.

    What Others Have Said...

    “I have used Brinig’s Finance & Accounting for Lawyers in my graduate Introduction to Financial Forensic Accounting class at Golden Gate University with great success. The text is straightforward, well written, and uses examples that illustrate real-word scenarios. It is particularly helpful for teaching basic financial statement analysis and concepts of present value.  At the more advanced level, I have used the business valuation and damages chapters to introduce students to important financial concepts related to the practice of law.” 
     -- Greg Regan, CPA, Adjunct Professor, Golden Gate University


    “Finance & Accounting for Lawyers is a practical application that provides attorneys with what they need to know to be effective for their clients. It includes material students will look back on during their career and be thankful for having the exposure. It nicely fills a gap in the common law school curriculum. Knowing the contents of this text will provide  a competitive advantage for any future lawyer.”
     --  Andrew M. Brajcich, CPA, Associate Professor, Gonzaga University   


    "The textbook and workbook are written concisely and I love the layout of the information."
     --Student, RJM, University of San Diego School of Law, 2016

    “The book is very high quality and straightforward; I didn’t have to struggle reading about a topic I have no background in."
     -- Student, CHG, University of San Diego School of Law, 2018


    “…the book is the clearest explanation of anything I have ever read in law school and I am an LLM, so I have read a lot.” 
     -- Student, University of San Diego School of Law, 2018

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    About Brian Brinig

    Brian Peter Brinig is a Certified Public Accountant and non-practicing lawyer who has specialized in forensic accounting and business valuation for over 35 years in Southern California.  He is the managing director of CBIZ – Brinig Taylor Zimmer, a 20 person forensic accounting and business valuation firm that he formed in 1983 in San Diego. 

    Mr. Brinig holds accreditations in business valuation from the American Institute of CPAs and the American Society of Appraisers and he has qualified as an expert witness in Federal and State courts over 300 times on financial issues.  He has been the state chairman of the California Society of CPA’s Business Valuation Committee and he has served on the Board of Directors of the San Diego Society of CPAs.  He holds a degree in business from Georgetown University and a law degree from the University of San Diego School of Law. 

    Mr. Brinig has been an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of San Diego for 25 years and previously taught both graduate and undergraduate accounting.  He is the past president of the Financial Analysts Society of San Diego and he has co-authored three other professional books and many articles on the subjects of forensic accounting and business valuation. He is also the author of Mastering Self-Discipline: A Thoughtful Approach Gets Better Results (New York, NY: Burlington Business Press, 2020).