Contributor Network

Overview of the Contribution Process

We invite intermediaries involved in the transfer of private businesses to get involved in the Pratt's Stats database product. What follows are commonly asked questions and answers about the Pratt's Stats contribution process?

Q: How does contributing data to Pratt's Stats benefit me?
A: For each contributed deal that is included in Pratt's Stats, you will receive three months of FREE access to the nearly 25,000 transactions contained in the Pratt's Stats database. In addition, when you register your company with us, you are placed into the referral database used when business owners or their representatives contact us looking for an intermediary in their industry or geographic area.

Q: How do I contribute my closed deals to Pratt's Stats?
A: If you have been involved in the 100% transfer of a private business, please contribute details to us for inclusion in Pratt's Stats. You may contribute to Pratt's Stats either online or by utilizing printed forms that are faxed to us. 

To contribute transactions online, please register with us first. Then go to our submit transaction screen to enter the details of the business sale. To help you enter your deal details, please read the definition of terms

To contribute transactions utilizing printed forms, follow this 3-step process:

1. Complete the Contributor Registration Form (PDF/DOC)
2. Complete one Pratt's Stats Submittal Form for each sold business
3. Submit both of the above to us at:

Business Valuation Resources, LLC
1000 SW Broadway
Suite 1200
Portland, OR 97205

Or Fax them to us at 503-291-7955

Q: What do you do with the deals after I contribute them?
A: Once our office receives your forms, a member of the Pratt's Stats team will review the submitted forms for clarity and completeness. The minimum criteria required for inclusion in Pratt's Stats are as follows:

  • Company Description
  • Date of Sale
  • Type of Sale (Asset or Stock)
  • Company Type (C Corp, S Corp, etc.)
  • Location of Company (State or Region is OK)
  • Selling Price (see next question and answer)
  • Amount Down (if not paid in full, details how balance was financed) 
  • Selling Company's Full-Year Income Data (partial year or projections are not accepted) (if restated, details on restatements should be explained in the notes field)

As part of the checking process, we also check to make sure the down payment and amount financed add up to the selling price of the business. We also check the math in the income data and asset data. Once the transaction is approved, we add your business sale to the Pratt's Stats database on its next update and you will be granted access to the Pratt's Stats database.

Q: What details should I pay particular attention to?
A: For a complete description of each field in the Pratt's Stats database, we suggest that you fully read the definition of terms. A couple of highlights are:

In the selling price, DO include:

  • the value of any noncompete agreement
  • any interest-bearing debt assumed 

In the selling price, DO NOT include:

  • the value of any real estate
  • the value of any employment or consulting agreement
  • any contingent payments, such as earnouts

Q: What if I have addtional questions about the process?
 Feel free to contact us at or 1-503-291-7963.