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This BVR Briefing presents some emerging ideas and techniques that are helping to pave the way to better understand and measure the impact of data security and cyber liability risks on the value of a business.

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BVR's Guide to Restaurant Valuation

March 2010 978-1-935081-25-8 Hardcover, PDF (341 pages)

Ed Moran

In BVR’s Guide to Restaurant Valuation, expert Ed Moran, along with a small army of other franchise and restaurant professionals, walks you through the complicated, yet fascinating, process of determining a restaurant's value - while sharing some of his favorite eating establishments along the way. Learn more >>

Highlights & Trends 2Q 2005

Some very interesting opinions across the spectrum of niche areas were issued this past quarter (the second quarter of 2005).

A system for valuing a restaurant business

The essence of the Richard Ayers Restaurant Valuation System is net assets, adjusted to fair market value, plus up to two times reconstructed cash flow after reasonable owner’s compensation.

What It's Worth: Valuing Full-Service Restaurants

October 2020 PDF

Valuing restaurants has always been a dynamic and challenging process, now more than ever before given the impact of COVID-19 on eateries. To meet this challenge, a back-to-basics approach steeped in fundamentals is required in order to build a foundation on which to develop a valuation in today’s volatile environment. This new and timely industry report from the editorial experts at BVR takes a deep dive into the unique considerations for restaurant valuation

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CBIZ Expert Report on Kohler v. Comm'r of Internal Revenue

CBIZ Expert Report on Kohler v. Comm'r of Internal Revenue ...

Kohler Valuation Bundle

Kohler v. Commissioner: Valuation reports, case abstract and articles, court opinion and trial briefs from this landmark Tax Court case (July 2006), all available in one bundle.

Restaurant Valuation: Serving Your Clients During the Covid-19 Crisis

Few industries have been as harshly impacted by COVID-19 as the restaurant industry. Join Lynton Kotzin for an overview of the state of the restaurant industry and what the future looks like for different restaurant types. Learn the reasonableness test, value drivers, and proper application of the approaches during these volatile times. Be ready to advise and value your restaurant clients.

Valuation Vignettee—Restaurant Industry

1 RESTAURANT INDUSTRY Niche Vignette YASSIR KARAM JD, CPA/ABV Clifton Gunderson, LLP AICPA Industry Segments ! Quick service ! Full service ! Retail (supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.) ! Travel & leisure (airlines, hotels, sports stadiums, movie theaters, etc.) 2 Industry Segments ! Business and industry (employee cafeterias, corporate dining rooms) ! Education (primary/secondary schools, college/universities) ! Healthcare (hospitals, nursing homes) ! Military Types of Entities ! Sole proprietorships to Large corporations ! Multi-units to one ...

Court Deems Future Lost Profits Formula an Exercise in Speculation

Court rejects lost profits projections based on expert’s unique formula finding calculation was based on “questionable” assumptions; court also finds no “hard” evidence that damage from defendant’s conduct had long-term effect on plaintiff’s customers.

Restaurant Sale Documents

Dick Ayers provides sellers with a “Sellers Presentation” packet and buyers with a “Buyers Presentation” packet. In addition, when a prospective buyer is identified for a specific business ...

Capital markets eager for "middle market" deals

Speakers at the Association for Corporate Growth annual Capital Markets Panel in La Jolla, April 20, made clear that there's an abundance of both debt and equity capital available to small- and medium ...

The Dynamics of Restaurant Business Valuation

Volk, Christopher H. and Jeremy L. Sacks. "The Dynamics of Restaurant Business Valuation." Business Valuation Review, March 1997. pp. 14-21. The authors identify four determinants of value for r ...

Court Says Plaintiff Fails to State Plausible Claim to Relief for COVID-19-Related Losses but Allows Amendment of Complaint

In this business interruption case resulting from mandatory shutdowns to control COVID-19, the court says the plaintiff, a California restaurant, failed to state plausible claims to relief but gives plaintiff an opportunity to amend its complaint, even if “it does not seem likely” the plaintiff will be able to overcome the complaint’s deficiencies.

Blasting Through 800 Million WWW Pages

Bl as t i ngThr ough800Mi l l i on WWWPages Power Searching on the Net Jan Tudor JT Research LLC 503-827-7241 10/29/1999 JT Research LLC '99 2 A Method to the Madness • Search engines vs. directories • Search engines vs. search engines • Meta Search Engines • Natural language vs. Boolean operators • The “hidden” Internet 10/29/1999 JT Research LLC '99 3 Internet Directories • Human generated • Limited size • Easy ...

How to Review Opposing Appraiser's Expert Report and Prepare Your Attorney for Cross Examination

IBA Annual Conference, June 1-4, 2003, Orlando, Florida ...

Due Diligence Considerations: Business Valuation and Commercial Damage Assessment Engagements

Due Diligence Considerations: Business Valuation and Commercial Damage Assessment Engagements ...

Made in the U.S.A.: Appraisals in the Manufacturing Industry

Presented to The Institute of Business Appraisers 1998 National Conference San Antonio, Texas Saturday, January 31, 1998 ...

Valuation of Healthcare Assets—The Definition, Classification, and Determination of Intangible Assets in Healthcare Service Sector Entities

“Share the Wealth” Institute of Business Appraisers 2001 National Conference Orlando, Florida May 10, 2001 ...

Valuation of an “Oversize” Restaurant

The purpose of this article is to address the valuation of oversize restaurants within the full service restaurant category. The article is intended to address the following questions: (a) How big is too big? (b) What are the impacts of an oversize facility on restaurant value? and (c) How can the oversize facility be addressed in each valuation approach?

Moving targets: determining the fair market value of restaurants

One of the few constants about restaurant appraisal is that there is nothing constant about it. Volatility is the name of the game in the restaurant appraisal business. Concepts like theme restaur ...

Eating & Drinking Places: Best Valuation Approach to Use and Why

The restaurant industry is a big business. With over 870,000 foodservice locations nationwide and an average daily sales volume in excess of $1.2 billion, the industry is the cornerstone of the nation’s economy.

The Transaction Method – How Do You Really Use It?

The transaction method will allow the appraiser to locate sales of business in a same or similar industry for the purpose of applying the market approach.


OVERVIEW Most industry buyers have an acquisition strategy that principally focuses on synergistic targets relative to their products and services. Financial buyers such as private equity groups (PEGs) usually consider themselves opportunistic and new id ...


Editor’s Comments: The genesis of this article was from reading another article, The CEO’s Real Legacy, published in the November Harvard Business Review. The author, Kenneth W. Freeman, is the chairman and former CEO of Quest Diagnostics, the largest med ...

DUE DILIGENCE MEANS Stepping Outside the Data Room

One of the most overlooked tactics in conducting due diligence is looking beyond the documents in the data room. Of course, documents that have been provided by the target company are generally going to reflect the target in a positive light. Often neglec ...

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