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Hear expert Efrat Kasznik analyze several recent IPOs involving several unicorns and try to understand how the value of these assets is reflected in the value of the initial public offering..

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Should you start the year by hiring new valuators?

Market conditions favor the business valuation profession.

Multidisciplinary practice: It's not just a Big Five issue

The hot topic at the 1999 ABA Annual Meeting was the recommendation before the House of Delegates to allow multidisciplinary practice (MDP) between attorneys and other professionals.

AICPA BV Conference highlights

VALUATION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND INTANGIBLE ASSETS Presented by Gordon V. Smith , AUS Consultants . Mr. Smith's presentation covered four main topics. After listing a number of reasons ...

2003 AICPA BV conference brings record attendance

The 2003 AICPA National Business Valuation Conference took place in Phoenix, Arizona at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa. The conference started on November 16, 2003 and consist ...

IBA highlights include FLP settlements, database comparisons

The 2000 IBA annual conference, held Feb. 3-5 in Phoenix, included a variety of "hands-on useful" presentations and panels. Highlights of a few of the presentations, award recipients, and audiotape in ...

Navigating the rising economic tide at CBC's annual meeting in Portland

n Implementing the Congruent Multi-disciplinary Team Linn Crader, CBC, CBI Crader & Associates, Inc. Linn Crader spoke about using a multi-disciplinary team to buy or sell a busines ...

How to find data for business valuations on the Internet

Hopefully you are all aware that the Internet is here to stay. However, if Bill Gates and Netscape have their way the Internet may soon be our primary method of communication. This means that a TV in ...

Highlighting the ASA Advanced BV Conference

With over 300 people at the American Society of Appraiser's Advanced BV Conference in Philadelphia in November, there were enough informative presentations to satisfy the attendees' needs. Here are so ...

ASA meeting brings fresh insights to business valuation professionals

n VALUATION FROM A FIDUCIARY PERSPECTIVE Norman P. Goldberg, J.D. U.S. Trust Co. Washington, D.C. Norman predicted that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the case of Howard ...

Judge David Laro addresses 1998 AICPA Conference

Judge Laro emphasized the importance of valuation in the tax context with an impressive statistic: Taxpayers file approximately 15 million forms per year with a valuation of some property included.

From experts in valuation in each of nine industry groups to a takeoff on Survivor, AICPA BV Conference offers variety

The 2001 AICPA Business Valuation Conference held at the Venetian in Las Vegas December 2-4 was attended by 840 people (by the way, the Venetian served the best conference food that I've ever experienced).

1999 Professional Associations Directory

The Appraisal Foundation The Appraisal Foundation is authorized by Congress as the source of appraisal standards and appraiser qualifications, which it promulgates through the Appraisal Standards ...

ASA Advanced BV Conference covers host of topics

ASA Advanced BV Conference covers host of topics part 3 of 3 ...

Law Firms: Valuation and Other Consulting Opportunities

Ron Seigneur examines of one of the trickiest and, some would say, most ubiquitous professional service companies to value. Through this presentation, expert Ron Seigneur reviews the operational characteristics of law firms, the challenges they present, and how best to overcome these obstacles in the valuation process. Participants will receive a customized information request list for a law practice valuation assignment. In addition to Seigneur's past position as CFO of a 50-attorney firm, he has ...

Expert’s Detailed Risk Analysis Bolsters Use of Deep Discount in Law Firm Valuation

In buyout dispute over law firm interest, court credits firm’s expert, noting his extensive relevant experience, his taking care to value interest under fair market value standard, as required by the partnership agreement, and his detailed risk analysis to support a deep discount.

Delaware Chancery Says Reasonably Sound Sales Process Delivered Fair Value

In an appraisal proceeding, the Chancery finds the deal price minus synergies provides the best evidence of fair value; court says there was an efficient market and the sales process, though not perfect, was able to deliver the value generated in an arm’s-length transaction.

Court Explains Treatment of Undistributed Earnings in Valuing Law Firm Partnership Interest

In valuing husband’s law firm partnership interest, court finds undistributed earnings, even though allocated to husband before separation, are not marital property because money was based on firm’s anticipated net profits; money was not earned during marriage but after parties’ separation.

Expert’s Damages Opinion Specific Enough for Class Certification Stage

In a securities case, court applies Daubert analysis to plaintiff expert’s market efficiency opinion and event study; expert is qualified even without academic background, and his damages opinion is sufficiently specific to facts of the case and reliable.

Expert’s Valuation of Pork Trademarks Fails to Account for IP’s Limited Use

Court rejects USDA’s decision to keep paying for pork-promoting trademarks that mostly have become functionally obsolescent and replaced by a different slogan; expert’s replacement cost approach to find current value of trademarks is illogical, says court.

4th Circuit Says Record Supports Liability and Damages Findings Against ESOP Trustee

In key ESOP case, 4th Circuit affirms liability and damages findings against ESOP trustee; court says trustee’s reliance on ESOP appraiser’s contemporaneous valuation was not “reasonably justified”; district court used correct measure of damages and justifiable methodology, 4th Circuit finds.

Court Defends Earlier ESOP Liability and Damages Rulings

Notwithstanding errors related to the court’s liability and damages determinations, the court rejects trustee’s motion for reconsideration as an inappropriate effort to introduce new legal theories and a late attempt to present a competing damages methodo ...

Tax Court Favors IRS’s Cost Markup Analysis to Compute Management Fee

In a suit over fees paid by taxpayers’ operating companies to taxpayer-controlled management company, Tax Court says IRS expert’s cost markup analysis produces most credible arm’s-length management fee; this fee represents the allowable deduction amount.

Court Calls Stock Price ‘Most Straightforward’ Indicator of Fair Value

In statutory appraisal proceeding, Court of Chancery says unaffected market price provides “direct evidence of the collective view of market participants” as to target’s fair value whereas deal price minus synergies is a less reliable “indirect measure."

Chancery’s DCF Upends Appraisal Arbitrage Strategy

In statutory appraisal, Chancery relies solely on DCF analysis, noting the instant case involving a bank holding company raises a unique situation in terms of management projections and whether and how to account for creation of excess regulatory capital.

Blind Reliance on Client Data and Wide-Ranging Values Gut New Venture Valuation

In a securities fraud action, appeals court upholds class certification; trial court did not err when it found direct evidence of price impact by way of event study was not necessary to show market efficiency where there was strong indirect evidence.

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