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Physician Practices: Key Value Drivers in a Changing Environment (PDF)

December 2012 978-1-935081-45-6 PDF (84 pages)

With health reform initiatives driving the frantic pace of physician practice acquisitions, both hospital systems and physician practices are positioning their organizations for success in a new environment. Physician Practices: Key Value Drivers in a Changing Environment discusses the drivers of physician practice value, poses critical questions to ask and analyses to undertake for a successful acquisition, and shares lessons learned from industry peers. Learn more >>

BVR's Guide to Physician Practice Valuation, Third Edition

August 2016 Hardcover, PDF (876 pages)

Mark Dietrich

BVR's Guide to Physician Practice Valuation, Third Edition is the essential resource for understanding the complexities inherent in physician practice valuation, whether for sale to a hospital, private equity firm, or to another physician. Edited by renowned healthcare valuation thought leader Mark Dietrich, CPA/ABV, with contributions from 21 of the top healthcare valuation experts and attorneys in the profession, this new guide provides healthcare administrators, appraisers, and attorneys with current and comprehensive "how-to" guidance on valuation approaches in this evolving industry. Learn more >>

Valuing Goodwill in a Physician Practice (PDF)

July 2010 PDF

BVR’s Special Report Valuing Goodwill in a Physician Practice discusses methodologies for identifying and measuring goodwill in a medical practice. It also includes summaries of court cases in which physician practice goodwill was central to the dispute, along with a state-by-state summary of key court cases for easy reference. Learn more >>

BVR/AHLA Guide to Valuing Physician Compensation and Healthcare Service Arrangements, Second Edition

October 2017 Hardcover, PDF (1,400 pages)

Mark Dietrich, Timothy Smith

This new guide challenges and deconstructs the industry’s current standard for the fair market value (FMV) of physician clinical compensation based on the exclusive use of survey data and certain percentile-based valuation methods. Itdebunks the current “survey says” paradigm and provides the foundation for a completely new standard for the FMV of physician clinical compensation. Learn more >>

The BVR/AHLA Guide to Healthcare Industry Finance and Valuation, Fourth Edition

May 2016 Hardcover, PDF (1,153 pages)

Mark Dietrich

The new edition of the BVR/AHLA Guide to Healthcare Industry Finance and Valuation, is the premier resource for appraisers, attorneys, and healthcare administrators involved in any healthcare valuation. Edited by renowned valuation thought leader Mark Dietrich, and co-published with the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA), this comprehensive guide addresses all aspects of healthcare valuation. Learn more >>

Business Valuation and Healthcare Case Law Compendium

September 2016 Hardcover, PDF (278 pages)

BVR’s new Business Valuation and Healthcare Case Law Compendium features the most discussed and the most recent court cases involving business valuation disputes in the healthcare industry. Our legal analysts have crafted this one-of-a-kind resource, which breaks down the cases and the decisions to save you hours of research. Learn more >>

BVR Guide to Ancillary Healthcare Services Valuation

December 2016 Hardcover, PDF (474 pages)

Mark Dietrich

In the new BVR Guide to Ancillary Healthcare Services Valuation, 15 of the top U.S. healthcare valuation experts have contributed a collection of tried and true methods infused with new and innovative approaches that will challenge the future direction of healthcare valuation.  Learn more >>

Business Valuation Update Yearbook, 2020 Edition

January 2020 Hardcover, PDF

BVR has you covered with the Business Valuation Update Yearbook 2020. This newest edition from the publishers of Business Valuation Update covers the year’s most groundbreaking and thought-provoking advancements in business valuation, and more. This critical desktop reference keeps you ahead of your peers with on-the-ground reporting from valuation experts, thought-leaders, and BVR’s editorial team. Learn more >>

The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages, Fifth Edition (Two Volumes)

August 2018 Hardcover, PDF

Jonathan Dunitz, Nancy Fannon

The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages, Fifth Edition edited by NancyJ. Fannon and Jonathan Dunitz, bridges the gap between the economics in damages cases and what the courts say about the calculations and evidentiary requirements.  Learn more >>

Business Valuation Update Yearbook, 2017 Edition

February 2017 Hardcover, PDF (349 pages)

BVR has you covered with the Business Valuation Update Yearbook 2017. This newest edition from the publishers of Business Valuation Update covers the year’s most groundbreaking and thought-provoking advancements in business valuation including IRC Sec. 2704, DLOM, cost of capital, and more. This critical desktop reference keeps you ahead of your peers with on-the-ground reporting from valuation experts, thought-leaders, and BVR’s editorial team. Learn more >>

Business Valuation Update Yearbook 2014

May 2014 978-1-62150-037-7 Hardcover, PDF (310 pages)

Stay on top of the most important business valuation news with the Business Valuation Update Yearbook 2014. With emerging methodology, evolving approaches, and critical debate, it’s more important than ever to be current on the trends in the business appraisal profession. Learn more >>

Lost Profits in Physician Practices

Depending on size, organizational structure, and service offerings, lost profits and economic damages analysis for physician practices can take several forms. Whether the analysis is related to compensation streams, ancillary service revenues, or other considerations, there is no denying that lost profits claims for physician practices pose their own unique challenges. In this webinar, BVR hosts expert Mark Dietrich for a special crossover event: both Part 7 of BVR's Online Symposium on Healthcare Valuation and Part ...

Valuing Assembled Workforce in Physician Practices

The AICPA's white paper on intangible asset valuation has reignited the debate over the value of trained workforce in physician practices. In this installment of BVR's 2014 Online Symposium on Healthcare Valuation, expert Timothy Smith sorts out the issues and the arguments with fresh research and logical analysis. Join him for this comprehensive examination of both sides of the argument, capitalizing on experience in hundreds of physician practice deals, the realities of human capital in ...

Diminishing physicians' goodwill

When valuing professional practices such as physician practices, the discounted cash flow (DCF) approach on an after-tax basis, is the methodology of choice. There have been slight differenc ...

Misapplications of Standard Valuation Methods in Valuing Physician Practices

In the pantheon of business appraisal subjects, physician practices stand alone. The subject of intense regulatory scrutiny, rapid economic change, and operational peculiarities, these businesses are ripe for valuation—and valuation errors. According to valuation expert Tim Smith, in applying standard valuation methods to physician practices, many appraisers are misrepresenting the economics of value in this industry and ignoring key adjustments and recalibrations that would ensure an accurate determination of value. Join Smith in Part 9 ...

Debate Over: Final Resolution of How to Value Physician Practices

For many years, the healthcare valuation community has been divided over which approach to value should reign supreme in valuing physician practices. Thought leader Tim Smith claims he has now definitively resolved the debate of why there are such divergent value indications in physician practices. He proposes the issue stems from incorrect application of cost and asset approaches along with the failure to properly reconcile these indications in arriving at a conclusion of value. He ...

Physician goodwill varies by practice - part II

In the September issue of BVU, Kumura expressed a concern that the present value of the future tax savings inuring to the benefit of the buyer overstates the value of goodwill. However, sinc ...

Healthcare Valuation Resource List

A comprehensive resource list prepared by Mark Dietrich, Don Barbo, Carol Carden, and Reed Tinsley for the 2/8/07 teleconference, Healthcare in Light of Recent Court Cases.

Valuing Professional Practices - Thorny Challenges

Professional practices are hard to value because so much of the utility being provided is tied up in the personal attention of the practitioner.

What is Reasonable Compensation?

Authored by Kevin R. Yeanoplos, CPA/ABV ASA and Ronald L. Seigneur, MBA, CPA/ABV, CVA ...

Medical A/R: Top Issues That Impact Your Valuations

An article published in the November 2008 BVU authored by: Mark Dietrich, CPA, ABV ...

From a Matrimonial Lawyer's Perspective - Top 10 Most Frequent Errors Made by Business Appraisers


How to lose a million dollars in medical practices

In early 1998, Rick Holdren of RH+ Medical Group , a leading medical practice appraisal and brokerage firm in Houston, Texas, was contacted by Robert Strange , Chairman and Chief Executive of Phy ...

A “new paradigm” in health care--Current trends in medical practice consolidation

Robert James “Bob” Cimasi, one of the nation’s best-known medical practice valuers and brokers, is president of Health Capital Consultants (HCC). In this interview Bob shares his insights and perspectives on current trends in the massive and pervasive process of medical practice consolidation. Bob has kindly offered to send a complete complimentary copy of his comprehensive 82-page paper, including extensive bibliography and other appendixes, on “Medical Practice Valuation and Transactions in a Changing Market” to ...

S Corporation Premium for a C Corporation?

Some C corporations look and act just like S corporations. In fact, it is quite common to see C corporation professional practices (medical, dental, etc.) where, although legally C corporations, they produce economic benefits to shareholders as if they w ...

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