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Stay appraised of all the latest business considerations in the jewelry industry! The report explains how jewelry stores operate, the nature of their revenue streams, value drivers, the industry environment, the risks involved, and other key factors.

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What It's Worth: Automobile Dealership Value

March 2016 PDF (94 pages)

What It’s Worth:  Auto Dealership Value (formerly Key Trends Driving Auto Dealership Value) provides you with wisdom from numerous experts who work with auto dealerships and study the valuation issues associated with this industry daily.  Learn more >>

Business Valuation Case Law Yearbook, 2018 Edition

February 2018 PDF

The Business Valuation Case Law Yearbook, 2018 Edition is essential for business appraisers and attorneys who want to stay ahead of their peers on the most important legal issues brought up in business valuation-related cases. With in-depth analysis from BVR’s legal team, the lessons learned in this book help appraisers reach better and more defensible valuation conclusions. And, attorneys who retain appraisers as financial experts learn how their experts can help them win (or lose) in court.  Learn more >>

The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages, Seventh Edition

April 2023 Hardcover, PDF (501 pages)

The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages, 7th Edition combines the economic expert’s knowledge of damages calculations and methods with legal and case analysis. It provides a deep and rich resource for financial experts and attorneys seeking guidance on appropriate remedies and related damages calculations. Learn more >>

Valuing Automobile Dealerships

Valuing Automobile Dealerships By Tony L. Argiz, CPA, CVA, CFE Auto dealership industry expert Managing Stockholder Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Company, CPA Miami, Florida (305) 373-5500 Retail Automotive Industry Size 1998: • Total dealership dollar sales - $533.6 billion • New light-duty vehicle sales - 15.6 million units • Total dealership employment - 1,062,800 persons • Total dealership payroll - $39.7 billion • Total number of new-car dealerships - 22,400 Source: NADA Industry Analysis ...

Automobile Dealerships: Turning a Corner—or Not?

The recession and its aftermath have hit automobile dealerships hard. New vehicle sales have declined for five straight years, including 7.5% in 2010 alone. The number of dealerships fell by 760 in 2010, by 1,550 in 2009, and by 760 in 2008. However, stat ...

Valuing closely held automobile dealerships using public dealership acquisitions

The acquisition of closely held automobile dealerships by publicly traded dealership groups can provide a basis for analyzing the value of the single-point or multi-point dealership. Valuation analyst ...

The Transaction Method – How Do You Really Use It?

The transaction method will allow the appraiser to locate sales of business in a same or similar industry for the purpose of applying the market approach.

Demographics, the Marketplace and Appraisals

There are two main parts to this paper. First I would like to build a demographic statistical foundation. Then I want to apply it to the changing marketplace, here in Canada and elsewhere, demonstrating how demographics affects valuation ...

Overcoming Obstacles in Gathering Documents and Information for Forensic Valuations

There are a number of situations in which a business valuator will, in the course of preparing a valuation opinion, be denied access to important information and documents. Examples that immediately come to mind are valuations in connection with ...

Journal of Business Valuation 2020 Edition

From the CBV Institute ...

Multiples Used to Estimate Automotive Dealerships Market Value

Practitioners use goodwill multiples for valuing automobile dealerships. In this paper, the valuation accuracy of five goodwill multiples and seven more traditional multiples that can be used for estimating the market value of the equity of car dealerships is assessed during the 2010–2016 period. Our results support that the goodwill multiples provide the smallest estimation errors in valuing the market value of automobile dealerships.

Industry Snapshot: Automobile Dealers

An at-a-glance overview and update on current trends, value drivers, and valuation approaches in the complex world of automobile dealerships.

Latest Trends That Affect Auto Dealership Valuations

In some respects, automobile dealerships are different than other traditional industries. When the industry is in its “up cycle,” dealerships often sell at numbers that make the rates of return difficult to justify in a traditional income approach. Often ...

Valuing Auto Dealerships

The auto industry has been perhaps the easiest segment of the economy to keep track of these past few years. Between bail-outs, recalls, and industry innovations, it's been hard to miss the changing fortunes of these titans of industry. What has been difficult, however, is quantifying how these changes affect the end of the supply chain: the dealer. In Valuing Auto Dealerships, expert appraisers Jim Alerding and Kevin Yeanoplos will join Carl Woodward, one of the ...

WG&L launches Valuation Strategies as bimonthly journal

Valuation Strategies , WG&L of the RIA Group , 117 East Stevens Ave., Valhalla, NY, 10595 (800) 431-9025, Ext. 3, . Charter offer through October, 1997, nine issues for th ...

Handbook of Advanced Business Valuation now available; The first advanced business anthology to be published in a decade

Handbook of Advanced Business Valuation , Reilly, Robert F. and Robert P. Schweihs , editors, McGraw-Hill, August 1999. Available from Business Valuation Resources, 7412 S.W. Beaverton-Hillsdale H ...

Valuing Auto Dealerships

Valuing Auto Dealerships Teleconference Presentation & Transcript October 18th, 2007 Panelists: Kevin Yeanoplos, Brueggeman and Johnson Yeanoplos, P.C. Clayton Danielson, Brueggeman and Johnson Yeanoplos, P.C. Moderator: John ...

Latest Issues in Valuing Auto Dealerships

Join Tim York and Adam Lawyer to learn about the multitude of considerations to take into account when valuing an auto dealership valuation, including franchise, location, real estate, management, and more. Today’s dealership valuation environment is further impacted by a new wave of investment capital stemming from private equity and family office investor entry. In addition to the challenges related to private equity/family office side, there is often a lack of understanding in terms of ...

Valuing Auto Dealerships: Applicable Methods, Value Drivers, and Current Economic Environment

Join Tim York and Adam Lawyer to learn about a multitude of considerations to take into account when valuing an automotive dealership, including franchise, location, real estate, management, and more. Today’s dealership valuation environment is further impacted by continued consolidation, a new wave of investors, the cyclical nature of the business, and possible other industry disrupters. Get the presenters’ perspectives on the many unique factors to consider in auto dealership valuation along with an update ...

Auto Dealerships are Running Hot: Key Valuation Metrics Unique to Auto Deal

Providing a valuation of a business can be a complex process as there are a variety of intricacies that help determine the value. Automobile dealership valuations are a bit more complex because they have unique characteristics that set them apart from other businesses and industries. They involve a deep understanding of the automotive retail industry which includes items such as factory financial statements, franchise multiples, and operational benchmarks of the dealership, to name a few.

Auto Dealership Valuation and Damages: Under the Hood (A BVR Web Workshop)

For BVR's first workshop of the year, experts Adam Lawyer, Robert Davis, Stephen Dietrich, and Joseph Roesner put the pedal to the metal on what you need to know about valuing auto dealerships. Participants will get a top-of-the-line understanding of the different dealership models and the industry as a whole. Why should you attend? —Practical tips and advice: Join our auto industry expert panel to get current and practical tips for your next auto dealership valuation; —Valuation ...

Automotive Dealership Valuation—Navigating the Obstacles

Automotive dealerships are unlike any other business model. Dealerships are unique in how they are capitalized, how they trade, in their relationship with suppliers, and in their franchise rights. And your valuation approach must be just as specialized. Drill down into the specific elements of a dealership valuation with expert Travis Flenniken as he uses detailed case studies to teach specific methodology adjustments every auto appraiser needs to know. Get a grasp on unique practices ...

Active and Passive Appreciation in Valuation: Finding the Line

Breaking up is hard, but harder still is appropriating the appreciation of the marital estate during the marriage. The most troubling issue with active and passive appreciation in divorce cases is applying a method based on sound theory, good empirical evidence, and a clear common-sense framework. Ashok Abbott demonstrates a methodology and supporting evidence to isolate passive appreciation successfully. By working through a practice-ready example, you’ll be sure to come away with a new appreciation ...

Valuation in Times of High Inflation

Over the past year, inflation rates as measured by the U.S. Consumer Price Index have moderated but remain well above the Federal Reserve’s long-term target rate of 2%. The Federal Reserve continues to take measures to control the elevated levels of inflation by raising interest rates and tightening monetary policy. With elevated inflation levels and high interest rates, valuation analysts continue to be challenged with incorporating these macroeconomic trends into the valuation of closely held ...

Dividing Goodwill: A Case Study in Active and Passive Appreciation

When a couple divorce, who gets the goodwill? Understanding how to correctly determine wealth appropriation is a “must-know” skill, but it is difficult to master. The most troubling issue with active and passive appreciation in divorce cases is applying a method based on empirical evidence and a clear common sense framework. Ashok Abbot demonstrates a methodology and supporting evidence to successfully isolate passive appreciation. Work through practice-ready examples across several industries and you’ll be sure ...

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