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In the September 2019 issue:
  • Is Your Cost of Capital Data Backing You Into a Corner?
  • 10 Things to Know From the NACVA 2019 Conference
  • Possible Change to Goodwill Moddel Generates Buzz at ASA Fair Value Conference
  • Determining Reasonable Compensation Using RCReports Data
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Adjustment Mapping and the Public-vs.-Private-Company Discount Debate

Editor’s note: This article advances the discussion in the article “Private Company Discounts Are Not Caused by Lack of Marketability” that Gilbert Matthews wrote for the June 2016 issue of Business Valuation Update. The author of this article joins the c ...

How to Better Validate the Reasons for Private-Company Discounts

Editor’s note: In the June 2016 issue of Business Valuation Update, Gilbert Matthews wrote an article  about whether private companies are valued for less than public companies solely on the basis of being private or whether other factors are involved. T ...

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