Business Valuation Update

In the July 2022 issue:
  • An Actual Brand Valuation Report a Court Rejected as ‘Speculative’
  • Highlights From the 2022 NYSSCPA BVLS Conference
  • How Judges Compare Competing DCF Analyses
  • Misusing the Market Prices of High-Vote Shares When Estimating a Discount for Lack of Voting Rights, Gilbert E. Matthews
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ASA BV Committee Members Share Insights and Advice

The business valuation community is fortunate to have an impressive number of professionals who give a most precious asset—their time—to help enhance and guide the profession. They volunteer to serve on committees, teach courses, act as mentors, help orga ...

Panel challenges traditional levels of value chart at the 20th Advanced Business Valuation Conference

The 20th annual American Society of Appraisers (ASA) Advanced Business Valuation Conference was a huge success, despite attendance of only about 325 compared to pre-Sept. 11 projections of 450 attende ...

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