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S Corp model now in Tax Court

At the recent NYSSCPA business valuation conference in New York City, Daniel Van Vleet (Stout Risius Ross) told the audience that the Van Vleet model (S corporation economic adjustment model) is being used for the first time in a pending U.S. Tax Court case. What’s more, both the IRS and the taxpayer are using it in this case, says Van Vleet. Read more >>

NACVA's star-studded silver anniversary conference

Shannon Pratt, Roger Grabowski, Jim Hitchner, Nancy Fannon, and the Honorable Judge David Laro of the Tax Court are just a few of valuation thought leaders dubbed by NACVA as “industry titans” who gave presentations at the organization’s 25th anniversary conference in San Diego Read more >>

Practice tips for valuation experts from tax court insiders

Judge Laro reminded experts to guard against domineering attorneys who insist on reviewing draft opinions and seek to nudge an expert into achieving a predetermined result. Valuation experts need to know the discovery rules (Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) rather than assume that all of the attorney-expert communication is protected. Read more >>

Can the IRS subpoena your work papers, even after the taxpayers have paid the deficiency?

An Idaho couple claimed nearly $1.5 million as a charitable contribution deduction on their federal tax returns relating to the granting of a conservation easement. The IRS summoned the taxpayer’s appraiser to provide evidence related to the easement valuation, including all his work files. Based on advice of the taxpayer’s attorney, the appraiser refused the summons, asserting the attorney-client privilege and work-product protections. Read more >>