The Licensing Letter tracks licensed entertainment/character properties with retail sales of $100m+

Thirty-four Entertainment/Character properties had retail sales of licensed merchandise of $100 million or more in the U.S. and Canada in 2012, according to The Licensing Letter (TLL). Disney Princess, Star Wars, and Hello Kitty top the list at $1.52 billion, $1.47 billion, and $1.08 billion, respectively. Paid subscribers to The Licensing Letter received the complete list in Monday's issue (an advance copy was sent over the weekend via email), including U.S./Canada and global sales estimates, and a breakdown of sales by property owner.

“With its acquisitions in recent years of Marvel and Lucasfilm, while Disney accounts for one-third of the titles on the list, it represents 51% of The Licensing Letter’s estimated retail sales for the $100 million-plus properties,” says TLL Publisher Ira Mayer. Average sales per title on the list were $429 million in 2012, up less than 2% compared to 2011.