Harmony Gold alleges Hasbro is violating its copyrights

Harmony Gold, a licensing company claiming copyright ownership rights on Macross, Mospeada (see Robotech.com) and The Southern Cross TV anime series, including rights to derivative works (e.g., toys), has sued Hasbro for infringement with its sales and distribution of GI Joe and the Transformers … The Epic Conclusion, a boxed crossover toy.

In court papers filed on Monday, HG mentions the Veritech Fighter FF 1 by name, and the article at Anime News Network shows pictures of that fighter and the packaging of the Hasbro toy side-by-side.

The lawsuit was filed in the U. S. District Court in the Central District of California — Western Division.

HG is demanding that Hasbro stop all sales and marketing of the “unauthorized” toys, that Hasbro turn over to the plaintiff all inventory of the offending toys currently in its possession, and that Hasbro immediately recall the toys.

For damages, HG wants all profits attributed to the sale or distribution of the infringing products, plus interest, court costs, attorneys’ fees and exemplary damages.