Small business owners are encouraged to think differently about IP

Beginning with the declaration, “Today, the alpha member of the asset classes is IP,” Jim Blasingame writes in Forbes about how small business owners should think about intangible property. It may also be foretell how valuators will be thinking about assets for some time to come.

Three how-to-think pointers from Blasingame:

  1. Don’t think of the new supply route that works for you as simply a new delivery schedule, think of it as a competitive advantage, a secret that distinguishes you from your competitors, incorporating your proprietary knowhow.
  2. When you buy a computer, don’t think of it as simply replacing the old one. Think of it as acquiring an IP tool allows you to create your own IP and manage your IP strategy.
  3. Build on what is probably your most valuable IP by acquiring CRM software and email marketing software, and integrate the two to supply your unique content to prospects and customers.