What factors increase brand value?

In Chapter 25 of the Pablo Fernandez e-book on valuation (Valuation and Common Sense), titled Valuation of Brands and Intellectual Capital, he reiterates seven Interbrand-developed factors that increase the value of a brand:

  1. Does the brand exhibit market leadership? Market leadership gives the brand competitive influence and the power to set prices, etc.;
  2. Does the brand exhibit stability? Market stability leads to high scores in customer loyalty;
  3. Is the market in which the brand operates stable or growing?
  4. Does the brand have global reach? “Brands operating in international markets are considered more valuable than national or regional brands.”
  5. Does the brand remain current? A brand’s ability to stay relevant for the consumer increases its value;
  6. Has the brand received continual investment?
  7. How protected, legally, is the brand?
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