New market data published on licensable copyrights and trademarks

The Licensing Letter Royalty Trends Report, published by EPM Communications, gives analysts an extensive look at trends for royalty rates, guarantees and advances for every property type and product category, including analysis of the key business factors that affect them.

In addition, you'll find 10-year trend lines for Art, Entertainment/Character, Fashion, Sports, Trademark/Brand among others so you can benchmark your target against industry norms.

Royalty rates are also broken out for 16 key product categories and 9 subcategories, from Apparel and Accessories to Toys/Games and Food/Beverages, including ranges that will help you maximize the return from your licensing agreements. The publisher includes all charts and graphs on an accompanying CD-ROM (or downloaded with a PDF purchase) as individual .jpg files so you can quickly and easily add them to your proposals and reports.

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