Apple v. Samsung verdict may force organizations to explore new IP strategies

Kara Boatman and Tom Hopkins of Fortisure Consulting have been ruminating about the effects of the huge Apple win against Samsung and feel that if the award is upheld, IP owners and users will seek out more conservative, non-litigation IP strategies that will inevitably result in more cross-licensing, more M&A activity and higher salaries, especially in technology.

  • Tech companies may find it more prudent to cross-license technology. As reported here, Apple and Samsung had such discussions pre-trial. Boatman and Hopkins feel the huge damages verdict will likely bring disparate bargaining positions much closer together;
  • Competitors may find it more economical to acquire more creative innovators to access the technology they need, even at a relatively high multiple;
  • In spite of the risk of unfair competition suits, look for the “talent flow” between technology companies to accelerate as competitors will find this a relatively cost-effective way to “jump-start innovation.”