BVR creates portal for tech transfer offices’ easy access to licenses and royalty rates

Reviewing a Johns Hopkins University presentation on technology transfer reveals a core truth: the goal is to “leverage [university] technology and intellectual property to maximize its value, both monetary and non-monetary.”

Central to this theme is “technology assessment.” When a lost Alice asks the Cheshire Cat for directions, the cat asks Alice where she is going.  She states she doesn’t know, to which the cat responds: …if you don’t know where you are going, any place will do.” TTOs need to know the value of what they have in order to achieve value maximization.  That valuation will contain market and industry assessments, competitive advantages and the IP landscape, and will incorporate a review of who is active in like markets and an analysis of IP licenses and royalty rates.

BVR has helped here, creating a portal for easy access by technology transfer departments to ktMINE’s vast reservoir of licenses and royalty rate information. Inquire for more details.