Thorough technology assessment marries an evaluation of potential to identification of next steps

Laura Schoppe at Fuentek not only separates technology commercialization decision-making into distinct screening and assessment stages, but further divides assessment into evaluation of potential for commercialization and identification of key next steps, each buttressed by a thorough understanding of the following factors:

  • Market needs and trends;
  • Likely licensees;
  • Market positioning that would yield the highest probability for commercial success;
  • Resource demands.
An assessment, therefore, produces at once a recommendation as to whether or not to pursue commercialization of the technology and a game plan to execute on that recommendation, should it be to move forward.

A valuable tool in the assessment process is the full-text license and royalty rate database offered by ktMINE through Business Valuation Resources.  Technology transfer officers attending AUTM this month can get a sample of ktMINE benefits at the BVR booth.