Crocs implements licensing strategy to exploit its brand

Crocs Inc., maker of the comfortable shoes, is about to do what others with successful brands do to increase their revenues: license its brand beyond its core products. As reported recently in the Wall Street Journal and, the company has “announced licensing agreements with several manufacturers as it . . . expand[s] its brand to accessories, apparel, and eyewear.”

“Licensing presents an opportunity to leverage one of our most valuable assets – the global power of the Crocs brand – by associating it with best-in-class products that go beyond footwear,” Mike DeBell, Crocs VP of Global Sales, said in a press release. “More than 200 million pairs of Crocs shoes have been sold, in more than 90 countries around the world. That’s powerful testimony to the connection forged with consumers by the Crocs brand. Through strong international and regional licensing partners, we plan to extend the power of our brand and make new consumer connections.”

In addition to the company’s recently released golf shoes marketed in conjunction with Hank Haney, look for Croc-branded hats, sunglasses, bags, backpacks, socks, gloves, and children’s apparel, among others.