Two tools offer a process for evaluating brands

Y&R developed a Brand Asset Valuator which divides a brand in half, first looking at differentiation and relevance, then examining the brand’s stature (consumers’ fundamental understanding of the brand’s identity and the esteem attached to the brand).

Jennifer Aaker constructed a brand personality model featuring five core dimensions, related facets, with each facet measured by a set of traits. Traits examined are:

Down-to-earth, Honest, Wholesome, Cheerful, Daring, Spirited, Imaginative, Current, Reliable, Intelligent, Successful, Sophisticated, Charming, Outdoorsy and Tough

A  weight is assigned to each trait (using a five-point scale, with 5 representing “extremely descriptive,” and 1 is “not at all descriptive” of the brand), resulting in the “measurement” of a brand’s “personality.”