Patent valuation is needed to properly communicate alternative strategies to the C-suite

In a podcast publicized by Legal IQ, Adrian Spillman, Global Head of IP at Intercell, discussed the need to make the tough decisions with respect to patents, and the importance of IP valuation to triaging those patents. Having a good idea of what the income stream from a patent is likely to be allows for the creation of a cost/benefit analysis, and that is essential in deciding what to and what not to patent. In addition, knowing the value of discreet IP holdings allows IP managers to communicate the overall value of a patent portfolio to “C”-level management.

Readers can listen to the full interview podcast and read the transcript here. The February issue of BVR’s IP Management & Valuation will feature a must-read article by Mike Lloyd of Griffith Hack and Doris Speilthenner or Ambercite on how IP managers can derive an objective opinion on patent quality.