Some IP-related insurance protection is available now

The Dish Network case discussed here last week (IP insurance, indemnification, and its relationship to advertising) prompted IPBlog to investigate what insurance protection is available. An article in SmartBusiness (Philadelphia) listed some policies IP and risk managers can research now:

  1. There are “defense and indemnity” policies designed to help with claims against the insured for “use, distribution, advertising and/or sale” of its products or services.
  2. There are “infringement abatement policies” that cover an insured’s litigation costs for bringing an infringement action. (Here, the insurers share in any recovery.)
  3. There are policies for patent infringement defense costs.
More details on how prudent risk management dovetails with IP management will be covered in an analysis in the January issue of BVR’s IP Management and Valuation. To get a free issue, drop IPBlog a note.