Hulu owners apparently decide to go it alone

Offers for Hulu apparently didn’t measure up to the $2B Newscorp, Walt Disney Company, Comcast and Providence Equity partners expected, so the For Sale sign reportedly has been taken down.

Ken Jarboe has a positive take on this. He feels the Gestalt of the current combination is bigger than the owners think, and the “joint owners of Hulu figured out that the value of Hulu's intangibles are increased when combined with their own. Such synergies of intangible assets are exactly what make companies as a whole worth more than the sum of the parts.”

As evidence of Jarboe’s point, Hulu recently signed Univision as a content partner, and introduced Hulu Plus, a premium subscription service now with 1M subscribers and available to 119M more.  Hulu’s strength is their “short release window;” they seem to get the content out quicker, and the Hulu Plus content will play on remote devices.