UGA reports its licensing revenues were also significantly affected by a blockbuster coming off patent

Last week we took a look at how the patent cliff was affecting the University of Minnesota. Some new data was released recently by the University of Georgia Technology Commercialization Office:

In 2009, the revenues from licensing patent rights at the University of Georgia were about $30.5M.

In 2010, they were down to about $6.86 million,” reports Derek Eberhart, senior licensing manager at the University’s Technology Commercialization Office, as Restasis (a popular eye drop) came off patent. Again, surviving such a drop requires disciplined planning.

David Lee, Executive Vice President of the UGA Research Foundation, also revealed university policy on distribution of royalties:  “The first $10,000 goes to the inventor. Subsequently, 25% goes to the inventor, or is distributed among the team if there is more than one inventor.10% is invested in his/her research program if the inventor is still active and at UGA. 10% goes to his/her department, and 55% goes to the UGA Research Foundation to be reinvested in research activities at UGA.”