Now that HP has changed its direction, whither Dell?

John Everett, Dell spokesperson, stated recently that 80% of the revenue reported by Dell  last quarter was “from IP,” which is allowing Dell to strengthen its brand and change its business paradigm to more of a solutions provider.  This is not to say Dell will go the way of HP and jettison its hardware business.  (HP’s exit from the PC world makes this even less likely.)Here’s the way Dell is organized today:

Global Services:  reduce costs by streamlining global processes

Education Technology:   connect classrooms and campuses

Cloud Computing:  designing cloud systems unique to the customer

Healthcare Technology:  access, digitize, analyze and share patient information in a secure environment

Sustainability:  save energy through technology

Entrepreneurship:  offer products and services to SMEs

Though it's clearly not your mother's PC company, readers will get little comfort that Dell is “with it” from the list, a non-specific mix of general products/services and markets…but there is a sense that they are aware of the need to rethink who they are. It’s a struggle.