Many technology transfer offices now make generation of revenue the primary goal

It used to be the fundamental mandate for tech transfer was to release institutionally-developed research and technology technology to the public…research for research’s sake. In InfoEdge, Jeffrey Waldin suggests the new focus is on the “financial benefits to be derived from the research, often with the understanding that this will in turn support further research.” 

Here are challenges that come with this trend:

  • Identifying emerging technology
  • Evaluating potential markets
  • Identifying the most likely partners and the most beneficial licensing terms
  • Balancing  the allocation of resources
One tool tech transfer offices increasingly are using to resolve the “evaluation” and “licensing” challenges is ktMINE, which now contains over 10,000 full-text license agreements with non-redacted, variable royalty rate information, fully searchable by technology, industry, licensor and licensee, date, terms and market coverage area.