Fiscal 2011 Research Licensing Revenues Have Raised the Bar at Temple University

When their fiscal year 2011 closes on June 30, revenues from licensing agreements for Temple University-developed technologies will surpass the $1 million mark for the first time in the university’s history, according to the Office of Technology Development and Commercialization.

Stephen Nappi, Director of Technology Development and Commercialization at Temple estimates revenues for fiscal year 2011 from tech transfer projects will end up at $1,237,954, more than three times the $380,000 the university received in fiscal year 2010. In addition, university researchers will receive more than $450,000 in licensing royalties for technologies they’ve developed.

Nappi said his office expects to have more than 40 new inventions disclosed to the office by the end of the fiscal year — a new high. Over the past five years, the university has averaged 30 invention submissions per year.

Licensing agreements are averaging a term of between eight to 12 years, said Nappi, and he breaks down Temple’s revenue sharing policies:  Commercialization revenues generated from licensing agreements are split 60/40 between Temple and the faculty (or student) researchers. Of the 60 percent received by the university, 20 percent goes to the general fund, 20 percent goes to the Office of Technology Development and Commercialization, 14 percent to the researcher’s department or research unit and 6 percent to the researcher’s college or school.