Samsung v. Apple in the U.S.

Two developments were reported this week on the Samsung v. Apple skirmishes that now seem to headline the Smartphone wars.

1. Samsung finally "looked the bear in the eye" and sued Apple in the U.S. This was not totally unexpected, but it does mean the gloves are now off. 

According to the lawsuit filed this week in federal court in San Jose, CA, Apple is alleged to be infringing on 10 Samsung patents related to mobile phones, including enabling calls and Internet surfing at the same time (see more on this feature at AT&T, not at Verizon).

2. From the department of comic irony, according to former Engadgeteditor Nilay Patel, Apple’s filings included (without permission) “photos of Samsung products taken by Myriam Joire and AndroidCommunity . . . they even cropped AndroidCommunity’s watermark.”