Just published: Licensing Trade Secrets

The addition of trade secrets to a patent license can increase the value of the license by three to ten times. Now there’s a comprehensive and authoritative source to help ensure that you receive the optimum value for your trade secrets. In the newly published reference Licensing Trade Secrets, you’ll receive expert guidance in determining what constitutes a trade secret and how including this additional IP can affect the value of your technology licenses. Learn the importance of the specific language used, the economic value trade secrets add, the industries where trade secrets are most desired, and the actual valuations and rates used for trade secret licenses. Examples of critical topics covered in this important new resource include:

Trade Secret Value Sources

Trade Secret Floor Value

Factors that Prolong Trade Secret Value

Factors that Kill Trade Secrets

Inadvertent Disclosures

Trade Secret Agreement Terms

In Licensing Trade Secrets you’ll also find examples of actual license agreements that incorporate trade secrets. By reviewing these real-world documents, you’ll learn how other organization characterize and monetize their trade secrets and enhance the overall value of their technologies. For details and to order, CLICK HERE.