Kodak Investors Take a Hit

As Kodak struggles to transition from a film company to one that can survive in an ultra-modern, digital world, it depends on its impressive patent array to fund that transition.  That reliance was dealt a significant blow yesterday, as NYSE ticker watchers are aware, as Kodak was informed by an Administrative Law Judge at the International Trade Commission (ITC) judge that its patent infringement suit against Apple and Research in Motion wasn't going to fly.  (ALJ Paul Luckern also stated the patents were invalid.) At one time Kodak stock was down 15%. 

All is not lost.  The full commission meets on the issue and a final decision is expected in May.  Kodak has had success defending these patents, winning nearly $1B in judgments (combined) against LG and Samsung.  In addition, Kodak has an action pending against Apple and Research in Motion in Texas. According to Reuters, Kodak is expecting over $250M in additional IP licensing revenue as a result of this litigation.