College Sports Licensing Bonanza

Founded in 1981, the CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) out of Atlanta is the self-proclaimed nation’s leading collegiate licensing and marketing company, helping nearly 200 colleges and universities monetize their brands.  The organization periodically releases useful data regarding how much schools garner through their sports licensing arrangements. 

Typically a school gets 10% of the wholesale take on all logo paraphernalia.  A national champion allows for a unique national championship logo, and typically schools get 12% of the wholesale take on those items.  

CLC can be researched here, and they typically report on their successes.  For example, as reported by Darren Rovell, a Sports Buusiness Reporter with CNBC, Joe Hutchinson, CLC VP who oversees SEC schools, recently discussed Auburn’s (the 2010-2011 BCS football champions) surging royalty take.

What Kind of Numbers Are We Talking About?

Here’s a look at a couple 2010 inflows offered by Rovell, for comparable analysis:

University of Texas:   $10.15M

Ohio State (not a CLC client):  $8M

A look at a CLC press release will give you a sense of who is active in licensing and what is being licensed:

ATLANTA, Ga., (November 15, 2010) - The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is pleased to announce its top-selling institutions and manufacturers for the first quarter of the 2010-2011 fiscal year. These rankings represent royalties reported July 1, 2010 through September 31, 2010 on all collegiate merchandise sold.

Top-75 Universities (1.) The University of Texas at Austin (2.) The University of Alabama (3.) University of Florida (4.) The University of Michigan (5.) University of Georgia (6.) University of North Carolina (7.) University of Notre Dame (8.) Louisiana State University (9.) The Pennsylvania State University (10.) University of Tennessee (11.) University of Nebraska (12.) University of Kentucky (13.) The University of Oklahoma (14.) Auburn University (15.) West Virginia University (16.) University of Wisconsin (17.) University of South Carolina (18.) University of Arkansas (19.) University of Missouri (20.) The University of Kansas (21.) Texas A&M University (22.) Florida State University (23.) University of Illinois (24.) Clemson University (25.) Texas Tech University (26.) University of California Los Angeles (27.) University of Washington (28.) University of Miami (29.) Oklahoma State University (30.) Duke University (31.) Purdue University (32.) University of Minnesota (33.) University of Louisville (34.) Oregon State University (35.) University of California Berkeley (36.) University of Mississippi (37.) The University of Arizona (38.) Washington State University (39.) Georgia Institute of Technology (40.) University of Pittsburgh (41.) Boise State University (42.) Syracuse University (43.) University of Maryland (44.) The University of Virginia (45.) University of Utah (46.) University of Cincinnati (47.) Stanford University (48.) University of Colorado (49.) Texas Christian University (50.) Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (51.) Brigham Young University (52.) Boston College (53.) University of South Florida (54.) University of Connecticut (55.) East Carolina University (56.) The University of Montana (57.) University of Central Florida (58.) United States Military Academy (59.) The University of New Mexico (60.) The University of Wyoming (61.) Colorado State University (62.) Fresno State University (63.) The University of Memphis (64.) Vanderbilt University (65.) Marshall University (66.) Northwestern University (67.) Villanova University (68.) Georgetown University (69.) University of Nevada (70.) Gonzaga University (71.) University of Delaware (72.) Montana State University (73.) United States Air Force Academy (74.) Marquette University (75.) Temple University

Top-25 Non-Apparel Licensees (1.) EA Sports (2.) Wilson Sporting Goods Co. (3.) Team Beans LLC (4.) Fabrique Innovations Inc.dba Sykel (5.) The Northwest Company LLC (6.) Logo Inc. (7.) Herff Jones Inc (8.) Jenkins Enterprises (9.) Wincraft Inc (10.) Tervis Tumbler Company. (11.) NorthPole LLC (12.) Jostens Inc (13.) Perfect Timing Inc (14.) Concept One Accessories (15.) The Memory Company LLC (16.) Rico Industries/ Tag Express (17.) Spirit Products Ltd/MA (18.) Renaissance Imports Inc. (19.) Evergreen Enterprises (20.) Champion Sales & Marketing LLC (21.) Commemorative Brands Inc. (22.) Midwest College Marketing Group (23.) Rawlings Sporting Goods (24.) Fossil (25.) Baden Sports Inc.

Top-25 Apparel Licensees (1.) Knights Apparel Inc. (2.) Nike USA Inc (3.) adidas Team Inc. (4.) Top of the World (5.) Gear for Sports (6.) Colosseum Athletics Corporation (7.) Champion Custom Products (8.) Twins Enterprise Inc (9.) Outerstuff Ltd (10.) College Concepts LLC (11.) T-Shirt International Inc (12.) MJ Soffe LLC (13.) Zephyr Graph-X (14.) New Era Cap Co. Inc (15.) J. America (16.) Haddad Brands (17.) Jones & Mitchell Sportswear Inc. (18.) Columbia Sportswear (19.) Outdoor Cap Company Inc (20.) Next Inc dba NCC Apparel (21.) 5th & Ocean Clothing LLC (22.) Lakeshirts Inc. dba Step Ahead Sportswear (23.) Campus Drive Inc. (24.) E5 (25.) Pro-Ad Sports Inc.

Top-25 Local Licensees (1.) University Co-Operative Society Inc. (2.) Bear Basics (3.) It’s Greek to Me Inc. (4.) Lloyd Sales Co. (5.) Wild West Shirt Works (6.) Collegiate Pride (PA) (7.) Standard Pennant Co. Inc. (8.) A-Game Apparel (9.) Landmark Graphics (10.) Houndstooth Clothing Co. (AR) (11.) R & S Impressions (12.) Goldden Corp. (13.) Nebraska Sports Industries Inc. (14.) Tiger Town Graphics (15.) Top Promotions Inc. (16.) DS Waters of America dba Kentwood Springs (17.) University Bookstore Inc. (18.) Dixie Pride dba Bama Fever & Tiger Pride (19.) Jcs Enterprises Inc. (20.) Campus Collection (AL) (21.) Mind Riot Productions (22.) Tiger Rags (23.) Printworks Screenprinting Inc. (24.) Gregory Morris Inc. (25.) Blue Ridge Graphics Inc.