Jets’ Coach’s Bravado Bolstering Brand?

Bloomberg quotes National Communications Group president Scott May as saying the personality of Rex Ryan, the National Football League Jets’ coach, is giving the club identity it didn’t have before, which is appreciably increasing the value of NCG’s club sponsorship.

Here’s what has happened since the arrival of Rex Ryan:

  1. The Jets starred in a reality program, Hard Knocks, on HBO.
  2. The Jet’s inaugurated their new $1.5B+ stadium.
  3. The Jets January 8, 2010 playoff game against the Colts set a TV-viewer record for a Saturday Wild Card match-up
The Jets are in the lay and sports press every day, and the public either smiles or cringes over the coach’s comments. (There doesn't seem to be any middle ground)  Clearly, though, sponsors and team executives think it works for them, allows the team to “engage” more with its fans. I guess we file this under, “There’s no such thing as ‘bad’ publicity.”

Certainly, if I can anecdotally refer to the "buzz" around NYC, there are more Jets hats and shirts per capita appearing during a lunch time stroll through Times Square than I can every recall seeing.  It's true everyone loves a winner ... but this is more, and, according to sponsors  it's translating directly into value of the brand.  Bloomberg sought comment from professionals who monitor such publicity.

“Some people consider it refreshing, some people consider it offensive -- whatever,” said Matt Delzel, Group Account Director for The Marketing Arm in Dallas said, “At the end of the day, people are paying attention.”

Steve Rosner, of Rutherford, New Jersey- based 16W Marketing LLC, indicated Ryan has enhanced the Jets’ public profile with both corporate sponsors and fans outside the New York area.