Valuation Will Play a Role in Kraft v. Starbucks

It appears Starbucks is trying to terminate their long-term distribution agreement with Kraft, and now Kraft is seeking injunctive relief to keep things just as they are ... handsomely pro0fitable.

Under their agreement, which renews automatically for 10-year stretches, there is a buy-out section, stating Starbucks must compensate Kraft for the fair market value of the business plus a 35% premium.

We don't know if a formal valuaation engagement was contracted for.  We do know Starbucks offerend Kraft an amount to satisfy this section of the agreement, and Kraft rejected it as inadequate.

This looks and feels like a case where dueling experts are going to be required. Starbucks or Kraft, if you are reading this, the BEST valuation experts in the business are found in this directory!