Whose IP is a Double's Voice-Over?

An article in the ABA Journal talks of a Republican congressional candidate who asserted that Morgan Freeman had narrated his attack ad.  Morgan Freeman denied it.

"These people are lying. I have never recorded any campaign ads for B.J. Lawson and I do not support his candidacy," Freeman released in a statement. "And, no one who represents me ever has ever authorized the use of my name, voice or any other likeness in support of Mr. Lawson or his candidacy."

Lawson’s campaign says it was misled by the production company that made the ad; the contract said the company would “write and produce one Morgan Freeman radio commercial” for the Lawson for Congress campaign.

The production company claims it was clear the ad would use a voice double for Morgan Freeman.

For us, IP value in likenesses clearly includes voice-overs … does it include voice-overs by doubles?