What Do You Think the Large Tech Companies Feel re: the Mobile Marketplace?

Well, see if you can connect the dots (these aren't in chronological order):

Oracle Sues Google (claiming infringement of Java patents it now holds in the Android operating system)

Microsoft Sues Motorola (claiming infringement on patents related to synchronizing email, calendars and contacts and scheduling meetings as found in the Android)

Apple Sues Taiwan’s HTC, Manufacturer of Android (claiming infringement of patents relating to touchscreens)

HTC Sues Apple (claiming infringement on 5 patents)  The HTC response to Apple’s suit is deemed by some to be a negotiating ploy; nonetheless, it will be interesting to see what changes in the new iPhone, to be released in 2011.

The major players are represented here, and these activities and investments in the world of protecting IP Rights show the rest of us where the strategic thinkers in these organizations are betting the future lies.  Phones are no longer just phones.  In fact, the least attractive feature in the SmartPhones is the telephony.  (It still sounds the same to me.) Key point: the data transfer drain on the unwanted spectrum given to the  cell phone companies not too long ago simply cannot handle the growth we will see.  Super WiFi is coming, and with it will be new and improved capabilities and even more competition ... except, of course, in telephony, though I am hopeful these players won't forget the phone's original purpose.