Ravens 10, Jets 9

And my point is? 

The National Football League Jets coach Rex Ryan dismissed the notion that the Ravens offense could have learned valuable information (read “trade secrets”) about the Jets defense from the five episodes of HBO's reality program "Hard Knocks," which featured the Jets players and coaches.

It appears Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron told reporters in Baltimore he watched the reality show for useful information on their Week 1 opponent…and more than one coach from the Ravens was taking notes.

For example, the Jets revealed their internal depth chart on one episode, which proved to be largely accurate.

Was it worth one point to the Ravens? Who knows?

And what might be the cost to the Jets should they just miss getting into the playoffs?

Of course, this is a one-time story.  This information is no longer secret, and the Jets did not try to keep it secret, so, by statutory definition, bye-bye trade secrets, whatever they were.